About Grant Berry

About the Author

Grant Berry – Messianic author of The New Covenant Prophecy and The Ezekiel Generation—founded Messiah’s House and Reconnecting Ministries in Westchester, N.Y., to “properly communicate a message of spiritual reconnection between Israel and the Church.” It’s a subject he knows well as a Messianic Jew (a Jewish believer in Yeshua/Jesus) whose own life story is one of such reconnection.

Born in London, England; most of His spiritual life, he has been both an entrepreneur and a minister of the Gospel. He has founded and built three companies, as well as a number of ministries focused on reaching Jewish people. Here in the US under the Wilkerson brothers at Times Square Church and in the former Soviet Union, leading thousands of Jews and Gentiles to faith. His first book, “The New Covenant Prophecy” tells his spiritual journey.

Now, through his writing and speaking, both in the US and internationally he builds bridges of understanding between Jews and Gentiles to help the Church reconnect spiritually to Israel for G-d’s end time purposes. Grant writes monthly for Charisma Magazine on the Reconnection as well as appearing on numerous radio and talk shows across the country. His latest book, “The Ezekiel Generation”, will be on bookshelves in the fall of 2013 and focuses on the heart of this reconnection message in the family of G-d.

For more information on the books, please contact Destiny Image Publishing at www.destinyimage.com.

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