About Reconnecting Ministries

The Reconnection Mandate

To introduce and promote The Reconnection in The Father’s Heart between Jew and Gentile in The One New Man, both near and far, until it is fully received and moved into by the Church and Messianic bodies.

What is the Reconnection

Reconnecting Ministries was founded in 2013 with an end-time ministry focus to help the body of Messiah/Christ spiritually reconnect in The One New Man between believing Jews and Gentiles, and between Israel and the Church. The Reconnection ministry focus, otherwise known as “The Reconnection,” is relatively new to the Church and Messianic bodies. Up to this time it has been mostly concealed (unseen or unrealized) in the Gentile Church, just as the mystery to establish the Gentiles into the faith was hidden from prior Jewish generations (Ephesians 3:2-10). However, as the mystery to unveil and awaken Israel now unfolds before our eyes, it becomes one of the most significant spiritual transactions of our time – to reunite the family of God with end-time consequences for us all.

Now that Israel is awakening, The Reconnection realigns and reconnects the Church towards Israel, as she was when the Church was first established. The Reconnection brings to light a very necessary spiritual remarriage between the Gentile Church and the remnant of Israel (Messianic believers) for this to take place, which is foundational to
John 17 unity and the Heart cry of Yeshua and the Father for the family of God to be one. The Reconnection in The One New Man restores the body of Messiah/Christ to its former glory for its future glory!

Simply put, this Reconnection in The One New Man will help to spark the end-time revival for which the Church is so hungry. It will help to bring about Israel’s spiritual awakening, the last great harvest of souls and the fire of God upon the Earth. These are all intricately linked together in God’s end-time plans. Just as Scripture reads, “What will Israel’s acceptance be, but life from the dead.” (Romans 11:15) The Reconnection will help to produce the end-time power of God poured out through a restored Israel (Jew and Gentile) in preparation for the Lord’s return.


Grant Berry, a prophetic intercessor and Founder/President of Reconnecting Ministries, has just completed his third book on this subject, Romans 911 – Time to Sound the Alarm! This explosive new book was written as a study book to carefully unpack this Reconnection message. It not only helps the body of Messiah/Christ fully understand The Reconnection in The One New Man, addressing many of the delicate issues obstructing its acceptance, but it provides practical ways for the Church and Messianic bodies to embrace it. And it unites the body of Messiah/Christ between believing Jews and Gentiles in the love of the Father to work together for Kingdom purposes and goals. Additionally, Romans 911 outlines a necessary Holy Spirit-led strategy and prayer initiative to help bring The Reconnection center stage for all of God’s sheep to ultimately support its message.

As all prayer saints will tell you through their own experience, The Reconnection message between Israel and the Church comes mainly through revelation in the Holy Spirit. Its message is unfamiliar to most believers, especially those in Church leadership. With this in mind, a great deal of our ministry focus is dedicated to awaken the Church and Messianic bodies, specifically the emerging prayer movement, into The Reconnection to raise up and mobilize God’s intercessors and watchmen and watchwomen of the Lord for this purpose.

The Reconnection Prayer Strategy

The Reconnection prayer strategy is twofold. It needs to first increase the knowledge and understanding of all praying saints on Reconnection issues between Israel and the Church, so that they know how to pray more effectively for it, and secondly, to help establish intercessory prayer groups for the watchmen and watchwomen with a greater dependence on the Holy Spirit’s leading. We refer to this type of prayer as “Pure Intercession,” and to these type of intercessors as, “Recon Warriors.” Our priority is to connect with the Church and Messianic bodies and with the emerging praise and prayer movement to raise up Pure Intercession and Recon Warrior groups everywhere and help birth and bring forth The Reconnection in The One New Man.

Grant and ,his wife, Hali, travel extensively across the USA and internationally, bringing this message wherever they go. They are helping to awaken the Church and Messianic
bodies to step into the Father’s Heart for The Reconnection, reuniting God’s family and mobilizing them into this fray.

You Can Help Trumpet the Reconnection

Help us to promote The Reconnection in your area. Help us to promote The Reconnection on your social media and email lists. Purchase Romans 911 for your friends. Purchase Romans 911 for your Pastor or Rabbi. Start a Pure Intercession group in your community, through the local church and Messianic Bodies. Share The Reconnection with your ministry leaders.

You Can Give Chai/Life to the Reconnection

There is a Hebrew word called chai, which means life. Through Yeshua’s cross and resurrection, our Jewish believing family brought us chai/life to the nations. In turn now will you pray to give chai back to them? Numerically the Hebrew letters that make up chai equal the number 18. For this reason, 18 is a spiritual number in Judaism, and many Jewish people give gifts of money in multiples of 18 as a result.

Would you pray to become one of our ministry partners and give chai to The Reconnection? Would you pray chai into The Reconnection?

Connect with Grant & Hali to discuss developing a greater Prayer Focus.

24/7 Worship & Watchmen Mission to Israel

Join our annual mission to Israel to first fruit our worship and prayer into the land and help bless and strengthen the body of Messiah/Christ in the land, to give God no rest till He establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth (Isaiah 62:6).