The Ezekiel Generation Movement


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Do you want your pastor and church to understand the father’s heart for Israel and the church in the last days?

Every Christian needs to read this explosive new book that helps to unlock the end time mysteries between Israel and the Church.

Do You Want Answers to These Questions?

•Do you fully understand the mystery between Israel and the Church?
•Is G-d calling the Church to play a strategic role in Israel’s salvation?
•Is the unity in the family of G-d, between Jew and Gentile strategic to the Fathers end time plan?
•Is Israel’s spiritual awakening and the Church’s reconnection to them the missing key that unlocks the end time power of G-d?

Then you need to read The Ezekiel Generation and we need to get this book into as many Christian hands as possible. Will you consider helping us?

Join The Ezekiel Generation Movement

To help with this exciting cause we have created a special website called: Here you can pray and connect with others about Israel and the Nations and help us promote the book through your community. When you give a gift of $40 to The Ezekiel Generation Movement on the site, we'll send you the book, PLUS, we'll mail 3 more copies to people of your choice, or to random supporters of Israel across the country, which is up to you (freight charges included).

Each book will come with a letter, to explain the Ezekiel Generation Movement, why they received the book and an explanation of how they can get involved. Imagine, what this powerful tool can do. It has the opportunity to multiply our efforts and the reach of this message almost overnight. These books will act like little flames going out across the country and igniting wildfires in the hearts of believers, consuming them with the message of reuniting G-d's family in these last days.

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