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Time to Sound the Alarm

“This book provides a blueprint for restoration and realignment between the Church and Israel. It is a must-read for those seeking true unity and reconciliation, which will result in the greatest revival the world has ever seen.” – Jonathan Bernis / President and CEO Jewish Voice Ministries, Internationa

Grant Berry

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Romans 9:11
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NEW Romans 911 - Time to Sound the Alarm!
Published at 2018, May 09

Israel is re-awakening. There is a transformation and reco
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Israel is re-awakening. There is a transformation and reconnection coming in the family of God between believing Jews and Gentiles in The One New Man. This comprehensive study unpacks the reconnection message to awaken and inspire you to embrace this vital key to God’s plans in the last days.

This book will help you receive clear understanding of the role you can play, learn the issues that have kept us apart and held back this unity, and move into strategic intercession inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Will you be part of this end-time revelation?

Romans 911 has end time consequences for us all!

“This is an hour when God is shaking the Church into a new level of reality. Grant Berry is one who understands this key for the Church. Romans 911 is just the book to
help you understand where God’s Kingdom is headed in the days ahead.” – Dr. Chuck D. Pierce / President, Global Spheres Inc, and Glory of Zion Int’l Ministries

“I’ve experienced personal breakthrough to pray for Israel. Before, I prayed for them out of duty. The Holy Spirit has done a work in my heart and I now love to pray for the completion of God’s purposes for His ‘firstborn’ in the family of God.” – Jonathan Friz / Founder 10 Days of Prayer

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