About the New Covenant Prophecy

The New Covenant Prophecy has been written with two specific focuses in mind. The first is to bring the fullness of the New Covenant to the Jewish people. The second is to give believers a deeper understanding of the New Covenant from a Jewish perspective, including some of the challenges Jewish people may face, which is greatly significant in these days.

What’s unique and different about this book, is that the introduction to the good news from a Messianic perspective is just the beginning. The book anchors on the prophecy given by Jeremiah to my people about the New Covenant (31:31) and thoroughly explains the depths and uniqueness of the walk with G-d in the New Covenant. In a way that truly personalizes it through my own experiences as a Jewish believer in Yeshua/Jesus, as the Messiah of Israel and part of the Echad of G-d (a united one – Genesis 1:1,26)

The New Covenant Prophecy tells much of my own life story and when something new happens, I stop and explain it, as If I was talking to one of my Jewish friends over dinner, who had never heard it before. How accepting the New Covenant not only changed my life for the better, but brought me in to an intimate and personal relationship with the G-d of Israel and re-established my faith in G-d.

Since the Jewish religious leaders did not accept Yeshua, along with the Church’s past history towards the Jewish people, which has greatly increased many of the barriers that exist today. Nearly all of the Jewish people currently living have not really had a proper opportunity to examine the facts about Yeshua, as well as to experience the New Covenant that G-d has promised us.

The New Covenant Prophecy really opens this door and truly gives any person (Jew or Gentile) the opportunity to seek out and explore the G-d of Abraham for themselves. Who wants to learn more about the depths and the intimacy of the faith in walking with Yeshua in the New Covenant that was promised by G-d.

In addition, I have not left much out either, from my own people’s rejection of Yeshua, to the Church’s behavior towards the Jewish people and even trying to fathom the Holocaust. Except I hope that I have been able to write it in a spirit of love where it would truly be received by both groups, as I explain it very much from my own perspective and opinion.

My sincere hope is that as you are reading this book, that you will ask G-d to help you to keep an open mind and that you will enjoy its content as much as I enjoyed writing it and that you may come to know the G-d of Abraham in a way that He has always planned for us, that we would know Him for ourselves. Please enjoy my story.

For the love of G-d,
Grant Berry