What We Believe

The Unity of G-d

We believe in the Echad of G-d {Genesis 1:26} as declared in the Shema. “A united one” or a composed unity, eternally existent in three distinct personalities of the G-dhead, yet united as one G-d. The Father who sits upon the throne, the Spirit who is omnipresent {everywhere} and the Son, who came down to the earth from heaven and who has been given to the world as an atonement for our sins once and for all (Deuteronomy 6:4; Isaiah 9;1-7; Isaiah 48:16,17; John 14:6-13; 1 John 5:7-13; Hebrews 7:26,27).

The Word of G-d

We believe that the Bible, composed of the Torah (five books of Moses), the Tenach, the Jewish scriptures (Judges to Malachi), and the Apostolic writings of the New Covenant (Brith Chadasha), is the only infallible and authoritative Word of G-d (Joshua 1:8; Psalms 119:105; 2.Timothy 3:16; Romans 15:4; 2Peter 1:19).

Yeshua / Jesus

We believe that Yeshua, Jesus’ Hebrew name, is the door that gives us entrance into this New Covenant fulfilled in His first coming, His death, and His resurrection. We believe in the Deity of Yeshua HaMashiach {Jesus the Messiah} as the Son of G-d and that His virgin birth confirmed His authority as the Messiah for all mankind, both Jew and Gentile alike (Isaiah 7:14; Romans 1:16). We believe Yeshua is soon to return to the Earth to sit upon the throne of David and will rule the nations from Jerusalem.

We also firmly believe that in Yeshua we find the true and proper extension of Judaism – in that the New Covenant was not only given to Israel, but is also just as much a part of it, as all of the other covenants. And without it, Israel is not properly connected to G-d (John 14:6).

Ruach Hakodesh/Holy Spirit

We also believe in the gifts and the power of the Holy Spirit who demonstrates G-d’s power and presence, both in our hearts, when we accept the new covenant of Yeshua and in our midst, when we come together to worship and honor Him that can also have life changing results in each of our lives (Jeremiah 31:31-34; John 14:15-17; Galatians 5:13-2).

The Reconnection

We also believe that during these days, the Church is called to reconnect with its firstborn brethren. In order to fulfill it’s calling upon the earth to release the mercy and breath of G-d to awaken Israel in the Spirit (Ezekiel 37:9-11; Roman 11:30-32).

Blessing Israel

We believe that a Jewish person who comes to faith in Yeshua does not have to let go of their heritage Romans 11:17,18,24), but indeed is brought into a new intimacy with the G-d of Abraham by the power of the Spirit of G-d. We, at Messiah’s House, fully embrace that heritage as being the very roots of our faith, without the legalistic rituals and structure characterized by the Old Covenant. Yeshua has made a new and living way for both Jew and Gentile to experience the very presence of G-d within the uniqueness of their separate roles to glorify G-d upon the earth.