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Updated Zoom Link for Friday, July 31

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The Return

National and Global Day of Prayer and Repentance

Dear fellow prayer leaders and saints,
Greetings friends and partners in the gospel!
We invite you to join us in a weekly call to pray for The Return, a national Solemn Assembly, starting this Friday from 11am-noon. The call will be focused on interceding for the Return, a Joel 2 gathering in a Joel 2 year. We hope you will join us for the call this week as we hold up the hands of the planning team and pray for our nation to humble itself before God! Truly, we are facing problems that only God can solve.  
What: Weekly prayer call for “The Return”
When: Fridays July 17-Sept 25, 11am-Noon Eastern
Who: Call is open to all, special invitation to national prayer leaders to help in facilitation of this call 
Please help to promote this prayer focus and join us each Friday on Zoom at 11 am ET. Please also visit thereturn.org for more information and view the introductory video from Jonathan Cahn, which is truly anointed

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