About Reconnecting Ministries

Our Call

Reconnecting Ministries has been established under the direction of the

Holy Spirit to effectively communicate a message of spiritual reconnection between Israel and the Church for end time purposes. Most significantly, we believe that we are coming into the appointed time of G-d for this to take place.

Our Mission

The ministry is committed to the re-birthing of Israel and the Jewish people into the New Covenant (the Gospel) through Yeshua Hamashiah/Jesus Christ (see Jer. 31:31-34). That in accordance with the fulfillment of Scripture through Moses and the prophets – after they have been re-gathered to the land that Israel’s spiritual awakening would take place (Deut. 30:4-6; Is. 11:10-12; Jer. 23:3-8; Ez. 37:1- 14; Zech. 8:7-8). And that this awakening will ultimately re-affirm G-d’s Holy Covenants to Israel and establish them into their end time destiny to glorify the kingdom of G-d (Ez. 36:22-29).

Reconnecting Ministries fully recognizes this re-birth to be strategic to the Church. For the Church to come into its own end time destiny to glorify the kingdom of G-d by releasing spiritual life back to Israel through the mercy and breath of G-d; for Israel to receive salvation and for the Church to be its salvific agent to help bring this to pass (see Ez. 37:9-11; Rom. 11:30-32). For just as Israel was used to give birth to the Church, now in turn to complete the family circle of G-d, the Church would release that spiritual life back to Israel.

We call this “G-d’s Mercy Plan” to finally unite and connect His spiritual Family between Jew and Gentile that despite each other both groups are intricately linked together for end time purposes; that neither one can come into their spiritual inheritance without each other, to rule and reign with Yeshua/Jesus when He returns to the earth (see Is. 61:6-8; Rev. 5:1-10). This is the plan of G-d for Israel and the Church to become one!

We believe that this end time focus has huge supernatural consequences to the Kingdom of G-d and will result in the following:

• Uniting the family of G-d between Jew and Gentile into the heart of G-d (John 17).

• Helping shift the government of the Church back into its fivefold directive (Eph. 4:11).

• The power of G-d being loosed upon the earth (Rom. 11:15).

• End-time revival amongst the nations (Joel 2:28-32).

• The veil being lifted over the Jewish people (Rom. 11:25-27).

• Yeshua’s return (Rev. 19:11-16).

• For G-d’s body {Jew and Gentile} to receive their inheritance to rule and reign with Yeshua/Jesus

in His millennial kingdom (Is. 61:6,7; Rev. 2:26; Rev. 5:9,10).

The Reconnection Books

We fully understand that this ministry focus is not yet common understanding to the Church; that there is still a great deal of misunderstanding concerning the mystery between Israel and the Church and there are reasons for this, which Reconnecting Ministries fully addresses. However, we believe that now is G-d’s appointed time to unravel this mystery and to release The Ezekiel Generation to finally unite His spiritual family between Jew and Gentile so that the end may come.

Our ministry leader Grant Berry who is now travelling across the US and internationally sharing this reconnection message, has written two books on the subject published by Destiny Image. They thoroughly address the reconnection in G-d’s family and present Israel and the Churches reconnection to them through Yeshua Jesus as the golden key to open the door to the end time power and return of our L-rd. For certain it is a most delicate topic with all that has gone on between Jew and Gentile over the past 2000 years. But it is also quite wondrous in the revelation of the Holy Spirit in how G-d has chosen to release His mercy in the last days through all of His spiritual children, both Jew and Gentile alike.

The New Covenant Prophecy

The first book, which lays a foundation for this ministry to the Jew first…. “The New Covenant Prophecy” is written with two specific focuses in mind. The first is to bring the fullness of the New Covenant to the Jewish people and is a great witnessing tool to share with Jewish friends. The second is to give believers a deeper understanding of the New Covenant from a Jewish perspective, including some of the challenges Jewish people may face, which are greatly significant in these days in attempting to reach them with the New Covenant (Gospel).

The Ezekiel Generation

The second book “The Ezekiel Generation” is written to help the Church reconnect spiritually with their firstborn brethren in the Family of G-d to prepare us for the L-rd’s coming. It is written in 3 parts:

1. To explain the Mystery between Israel and the Church
2. To understand the Disconnection between Jew and Gentile
3. To understand the Reconnection between Jew and Gentile

The Ezekiel Generation is not just another book about the last days, but rather it challenges us to move into the very heart of G-d to fulfill our end time roles so that the L-rd can return to the earth and finally take full dominion. Every Christian needs to read this book as it has huge end time consequences for us all and fully explains much of what we need to know at this most crucial time in humankind’s history regarding Israel and the Church.


Grant Berry, a prophetic intercessor and Founder/President of Reconnecting Ministries has just completed his 3rd book on this subject. Romans 911 – It Is Time to Sound the Alarm!

This explosive new book has been written as a study book to carefully unpack this reconnection message. It not only helps the body of Messiah/Christ fully understand The Reconnection, addressing many of the delicate issues in its way, but it provides practical ways for the Church and Messianic bodies to embrace it. And it unites the body of Messiah/Christ between believing Jews and Gentiles in the love of the Father to work together for Kingdom purposes and goals. Plus Romans 911 outlines a necessary Holy Spirit led strategy and prayer initiative to help bring The Reconnection center stage for all of God’s sheep to ultimately embrace its message.

Ministry Goals

For G-d’s Family to Become One

For G-d’s Family to Become One During these days of the fullness of the Gentiles and the spiritual awakening of Israel, it is the goal of Reconnecting Ministries to help the Church see and understand this new place that the Holy Spirit is leading us into for G-d’s end time purposes.

For the Church to take on its Ezekiel Role

Our second goal is to help move the body of Christ into Spirit led prayer, Intercession and evangelism: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile, for the Church to see Israel as they will be through the eyes of faith in the word of G-d and not as they are currently. To ultimately come into agreement with heavens plans to re-birth them and to help provide the spiritual fuel necessary for this to take place.

How Can You Help?

Pray, Pray, Pray!

If G-d has already touched your heart concerning Israel and the Church and you agree with our ministry focus. Please support this ministry in prayer and help to get this most crucial message out to your Church and personal contacts. If your not already in a prayer meeting for Israel and the nations, please think seriously about joining one, or even starting one in your local Church. Secondly, pray for your Church leadership to receive this message and be patient with them showing them the love and respect of G-d as they are not yet being taught this message at Seminary.

You could not make a better investment in the kingdom of G-d by supporting this ministry financially. We really need your help to get our message out to the entire Church. Please consider becoming one of our monthly prayer partners and supporting this most crucial ministry focus. From Genesis 12:3, “I will bless those who bless Israel”.

To support our efforts financially, please our visit Donate Page. Reconnecting Ministries is a 501c3 organization and all contributions will be tax deductible.