Grant&Hali Berry

A Note From Grant&Hali

December 5782/2021


In this season, as the Christmas ornaments and Menorah’s are lit, let us look to the great light of the world and be thankful for His love, peace and joy. And let us pray for those around us that they would know Him too!

Last Hanukkah/Christmas season, I had a significant dream from the Lord. It was of three bald mannequin heads tightly lined up behind one another.

In The Dream, I knew the mannequin heads were all of me and The Reconnection message we are carrying to promote into the Body of Messiah/Christ. I was fighting with the Lord for him to reveal the second and the third mannequins of this Reconnecting message, but HE would not reveal them. Suddenly, towards the end of the dream, an afro sprang out of the first mannequin head.

As I awoke, I knew the dream was from the Lord, so I went into a prayer mode to seek Him about it. Immediately He responded and reminded me of the hairpieces the barristers in England wear in court, presenting a legal argument.

Being a Brit and raised in England, I knew what this meant and the comparison He was making. The British legal system is different from the American legal system. There are two types of lawyers, a solicitor who prepares the argument and a barrister who delivers the argument in court. And the barrister still wears this crazy white wig from the 17th century.

Interestingly, the Lord would not show me parts two and three of bringing this Reconnection message forward into the body because I believe we are not ready for it yet. First, the message must be explained and understood, and then the argument must be won so that the Ekklesia/Church begins to embrace it.

Beloved, this is where we are at, at this time. The argument needs to be won! The R911 Project teachings are finished and ready for the Ekklesia/Church to engage in them, and those of us who already understand the significance of this message must go forward to win the day.

To begin introducing the R911 Project teachings focus, I taught in the Global Family Prayer room, leading the group into an hour of prayer to pray for the message coming into the greater Ekkleisa/Church. You can view this message here. 

R911 Project Like the Alpha Course

If you like, The R911 Project Study Guide and 12-14 hr. video teachings are similar to the Alpha course, which is designed to bring people into Messiah/Christ and disciple them. While the R911 Project is designed to bring the body into John 17 love and restoration.

Media Campaign 5782/2022

With this in mind, we are gearing up for The R911 Project media campaign. We are now moving into a promotional phase to win this argument, as the Lord directs us.

As many of you know, we have already launched the webinar, which is going well. Charisma Magazine is promoting it monthly. You can view December’s webinar here.

We have also just launched The R911 Project Social media campaign with a new page under the project name, but you can also find all of the posts on Grant’s personal page. So if you go onto Facebook or Instagram, please help us share the posts. I promise you they will be short but effective – Videos, tidbits, background stories to promote R911, and event posts to share all of our meeting dates.

In March, we will launch The R911 Podcast series with Charisma Magazine with weekly 10–20-minute messages from Grant on R911 and interviews with fivefold leaders moving into this Reconnection and Alignment message.

There is also a great need to interact with leaders in the Ekklesia/Church to cause them to help them fully embrace The Romans911 Project teachings. Please be extra prayerful in this area, especially now for pastors to stand in the gap for them to understand the significance of this message.

We will also start working on an infomercial to promote the project and hire a publicist to help promote the work. If you believe in The Reconnection message, would you please pray and ask the Lord if you are to join us, to become discipled by the message, and support us financially as one of our Give Chai/Life monthly partners?

God has been faithful to us through your love and support, to which we are so grateful. The R911 Project cost more than $130,000 to produce, which is fully paid. In addition to our regular budget, we estimate that we will need an additional $75,000 to $100,000 in 2022 to complete these assignments. Would you please pray into this provision with us?

As you know, The Reconnection message is not coming to the church at large at first, instead to a remnant. So it is crucial for us receiving this revelation to understand the need to sow into it. Please be prayerful about this always being led by the Holy Spirit in how you are giving to the priesthood. As well as to the ministries God is calling each of you to support.

Hanukkah was really early this year, which happens every few years in the adjustments between the moon and sun calendars. We celebrated in the Global Family Prayer room with numerous believers worldwide. Please click here to view our Hanukkah celebration.

Please view our prayer links here for our monthly prayer focus. Please also look for our Year in Review Holiday card, emailed soon. Pictures speak thousands of words and tell lots of stories.

We have so much to be thankful for, praise His Holy name. Thank you for your love, support, and most importantly, for your prayers: a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New year to all. Until 2022…

Lots of love in Yeshua,

And for His Glory,