Pastor Eric Michael Teitelman oversees the House of David Ministries—an itinerant and online Hebraic teaching, worship, and prophetic ministry focused on building the Kingdom of God by bringing Messianic Jewish and Gentile Christians together as one new man in Christ (Ephesians 2:14-16).
The ministry serves as a resource to the body of Christ, helping Christians gain an understanding of their biblical foundation and spiritual heritage, fostering relational bridges between Jew and Gentile Christians, embracing the church’s calling for the nation of Israel and all nations, and understanding God’s Kingdom and covenant promises for the church and Israel.
Pastor Eric is a Jewish Christian and follower of Jesus-Yeshua. His wife, Kim is also Jewish and practices Judaism. Eric is ordained as a bi-vocational pastor with the Southern Baptist Convention and is also a worship leader and photographer. He was born in Chicago to Jewish Ashkenazi parents and raised in Bat Yam, Israel for much of his childhood. There he attended Yeshiva Aderet, an orthodox school for rabbinical study.
In 2002 after reading the New Testament, Eric received Jesus-Yeshua as His Lord and Savior. With a firm knowledge of Old and New Testament scripture and a deep understanding of Jewish culture and rabbinic writings, he brings a unique perspective to his teachings.

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