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Messiah's House
The MH vision is fourfold:
  1. To Reconnect Jew and Gentile in TONM (The One New Man) into John 17 love and unity.
  2. To help Jewish believers rediscover their identity in Mashiach/Christ.
  3. To help Christians discover their Jewish roots and heritage in and with the remnant of Israel.
  4. For all of God’s believing children to expand prayer, intercession, and outreach to the lost – ” to the Jew first and then then to the Greek” (Romans 1:16).

Strategic Prayer Points

  • Restoration of Jewish and Gentile believers into TONM (Ephesians 2); walls of separation to be brought down
  • Repentance of generational antisemitism and replacement/fulfillment theology in the Church
  • Repentance by the Messianic body through acceptance and love for God’s children from the nations in the Church
  • Restoration of the identity of Jewish believers in the body of Messiah/Christ
  • Understanding the fullness of The Reconnection message for the Lord’s end-time Body
  • Renewal of our minds and hearts into the study of The Reconnection/Alignment message
  • Hunger for believers to pursue John 17 unity and love in TONM
  • Adoption of end-time roles to pray and intercede for Israel’s spiritual awakening and the last great harvest of souls and connection between both focuses
  • All other divisions and separations in the Body of Messiah/Christ to be healed
  • For the Church/Ekklesia to embrace the new wineskin reformations; fivefold, TONM, and the preparation of the Bride
  • Fulfillment of the call on all believers to move Israel to jealousy
  • Unity and cooperation corporately between the Church and the Messianic body in the nations and Israel
  • Support and blessing for the Remnant of Israel and Arab believers in the land
  • Passion for souls, Jews, and nations
  • Unconditional love, commitment and witness for and to the Jewish people

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