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Reconnecting ministries
Strategic Prayer Points

  • Comprehension of the time we live in and the significance of the message
  • Increased desire to embrace The One New Man
  • John 17 unity between Jew and Gentile
  • Reconnection in The One New Man (Ephesians 2)
  • Repentance of generational antisemitism and replacement/fulfillment theology in the Gentile-believing Church
  • Greater Unity (all other issues – racial, theological, eschatological) in the Church, the nations, and Israel
  • Renewal of our minds and hearts into the st7udy of The Reconnection/Alignment message
  • Adoption of endtime roles to pray and intercede for Israel’s spiritual awakening and the last great harvest of souls
  • Unity and cooperation between the Church and the Messianic body inthe nations and Israel
  • Support and blessing for the Remnant of Israel and Arab believers in the land
  • Unconditional love, commitment and witness for and to the Jewish people

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