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A Note From Grant&Hali

September 5782/2021


This Restoration message in the TONM in John 17 is about to be trumpeted to the Ekklesia/Church. We are on the verge of something wonderful for the Body of Messiah, the Body of Christ. To set a pathway before us of love and unity that ultimately will lead us to the fullness of God’s Glory, to the preparation of the Bride, the last great harvest of souls, Israel’s salvation, and the Lord’s return.

We are in this era of time! But first comes this Reconciliation in God’s family and a rebuilding of the spiritual walls of the Ekklesia/Church, which is going to take some time, and a lot of prayer.

Launching The Romans 911 Project

We have so much to share with you. The Romans 911 Project is finished and launches this coming Saturday on 9/11, which just happens to be “Shabbat Shuva.” Shabbat Shuva is a very special Shabbat during the 10 Days of Awe, and Shuva is a Hebrew word meaning to Return. This Jewish New Year is also a Shmita year (Sabbath rest – Exodus 23:10-11). So I think we can expect something special from the Lord, a newness and the beginning of a shift with all of these dates and times.

Please click and view Grant’s introduction here to our Watchmen focus on The Romans 911 Project.

We are holding a special service in the Global Family Prayer room with 10 Days of Prayer, the Return organization, and Digging the Wells of Revival to dedicate and launch The Romans 911 Project. It will be simulcasted all over the world, with major segments airing on God TV.

Please join us in the prayer room, but you might also want to sign on early if you’re going to get directly into the Zoom Meeting, as we have a maximum capacity. Most will watch on YouTube or Facebook, or other simulcasts. And you will also be able to watch it directly on our website. Please click this link here for all sign-up information.

We are also holding a special prayer service next Thursday at 6 pm ET to pray for The R911 Project Saturday dedication and launch. You can join here.

In tandem with The Romans 911 Project’s, launch we have created a new website for Reconnecting Ministries. We have added a bookstore to manage the sale and promotion of all of The Romans 911 Project materials.

About The Books and Video Teachings

We have also written a Second Edition of the main book, with some improvements and significant updates. You can purchase the book on our website or through any major booksellers. However, the Study Guide will ONLY be sold on our website or with any one of our ministry partners.

The 12-14 hr. Study Guide video teachings are free with the purchase of the study guide book and have been prepared to view and watch in a Bible study type environment and/or virtually. So we encourage you to join with others into small groups and invite your Church and Congregation, Pastor, or Rabbi to take the Seminar. This is why these teachings have been developed. As ultimately, every Church and Congregation and every believer needs this Reconnection message at this time.

New Website

The new website can also be accessed at:, as well as

Please visit the new about pages to read about our ministry focus moving forward. There are lots of changes now we have the teaching series completed.

We are ready to move to our media platform to promote The Romans 911 Project and lay it before the threshold of the Ekklesia/Church.

Romans 911 Project Webinar

In October, we will be launching The Romans 911 Project Webinar. Please click on the link here for more information on the Webinar.

Join us for 10 Days of Prayer

10 Days starts early this year with blowing the Shofar for Rosh Hashanah on September 6th through to Yom Kippur, which ends sundown Thursday September 16th. Please click on the 10 Days image in Active Expressions (AE), and enter into the Consecration Challenge to experience the greater depths of prayer, repentance, and renewal through the 10 Days of Awe. Grant is also hosting the teaching hour every day at noon ET throughout the 10 Days of Awe, culminating with our Messiah’s House Yom Kippur service with worship from Karen Davis in Israel. Please click here for the links to the service.

We will be in touch soon with more updates. Please keep Grant&Hali in prayer and click our prayer links here for more details for prayer.

Lots of love in Yeshua,

And for His Glory!

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