Winter Note From Grant&Hali



As we move into the winter and holiday season, we pray a blessing of love, joy, and peace on you and your family.

Below are three significant messages with links that we encourage you to watch and listen to during this season. The first is a message from one of the Messianic Patriarchs in Israel, Reuven Berger on Restoring the Covenants, who gave this message in Jerusalem four days after the Hamas attacks in Israel on October 7th. The second is an audio message from Grant on the revelation of the One State Solution connected to this period of Restoration that we are entering during these days. The third is Grant sharing this prayer focus for Israel and the nations in the Global Family of Prayer on November 17th.

All of these messages have to do with us finding a greater understanding of the significance of this restorative piece and how it is actually central to the coming revival and awakening.

Restoring The Covenant – Reuven Berger – link here

One State Solution – Grant Berry – link here

Praying For Israel At War And To Be At Peace – A One State Solution but not quite what we may have thought – Grant Berry link here

We have prepared this Winter Note to outline the significance of the Reconnecting Ministry focus through The Romans 911 Project (R911) and the Budget needed now to help bring it forward to the threshold of the Ekklesia/Church in 2024 and beyond. 

By God’s grace and through His provision, we are planning a 2-3-year Media program, engaging the Remnant Body of believers in Israel and the Nations into this Restoration. We covet your prayers and partnership and invite you to seek the Lord to join us on this most significant mission. We have outlined the strategy below to bring The Reconnection message forward.

God’s Strategy for Such a Time as This

As you know, we have been pouring into The R911 Project books and video teachings over the past eight years. Preparing a most thorough teaching and equipping program to initiate a pathway and new journey of love and reconciliation in the family of God to restore unity in His Body and to reform His Ekklesia/Church that will ultimately achieve the Father’s plans and objectives to restore the Earth to Himself through Yeshua/Jesus.


The Restorative Piece Must Now Be Recognized

As God prepares His Bride for Yeshua/Jesus’s coming, as He moves us toward the last great awakening for Israel’s Salvation, the end-time harvest, and the redemption of the nations, there is a most significant Restorative Piece in the family of God foundationally between Jewish and Gentile believers, and between all races in The One New Man (TONM) that must now be recognized to fulfill Yeshua/Jesus’s prayer of John 17. This special love from the Father will help to reunite His Body, and it becomes the catalyst to release the greater Glory on His Ekklesia/Church. A pathway through an informed repentance to help ignite the power and governance towards the end-time revival, for His Kingdom to arise out of the darkness and to shine God’s light to a lost and dying world. For the way to the salvation of Israel and the fullness of the Gospel to the Nations is through this Restorative Piece in the Body, and there is no substitute for it.

As the shaking intensifies, the world shakes, religion shakes, and the Church shakes! The Kingdom must arise for the Ekklesia/Church to be restored and rebuilt around these principles of love and unity, much of which is addressed in The R911 Project teachings.

This Restorative Piece has mostly been hidden during the Church age and is only now coming to light as we move closer toward Israel’s Salvation. We call this message The Reconnection, and it is embedded in an Alpha-type teaching series called The R911 Project, carefully unpacking this message to help Realign the Church with the Remnant of Israel (Jewish believers) for God’s end-time plans and purposes. Through five directives given by the Holy Spirit to help the Body understand and process The Reconnection message:

  1. To understand the significance of the message now that Israel’s spiritual awakening is upon us.
  2. To properly reconcile in TONM to reunite the Ekklesia/Church.
  3. To move into an informed and complete repentance, remove all the obstacles fueling division, and live out the Father’s Heart and His plans to restore His family to Himself.
  4. To enter into and embrace a renewal of our thinking and mindset now that we are together again with Israel in the Spirit.
  5. For God’s children in the nations to partner with Him for Israel’s salvation.

These directives are laid out in detail in The Reconnection Mandate Document, which has become foundational to the R911 teachings.


100 Million Watchmen Need Equipping

As we know, the Israel Piece comes through a spiritual revelation. It is an eye-opening experience amongst believers, similar, if you like, to that of our salvation. However, as we move closer to Israel’s spiritual Restoration, it is evident that God is speeding up this process. Who could have imagined just five years ago that there would be millions upon millions of believers praying and fasting for Israel’s Salvation on Pentecost? 

As these precious saints in the Church move closer towards Israel, there is a vast need to equip them with greater knowledge and understanding of this Reconnection and Alignment message, exposing satan’s holds over our humanity, removing blinders by breaking off Generational Antisemitism and Replacement Theology at its roots, with all of its influences. Including past negative emotions in both parts of the Body and rejection issues on the Messianic side, to properly Reconnect God’s family in TONM, helping to restore other divisions to rebuild His Ekklesia/Church, so we know how to pray more effectively for the Peace of Jerusalem and God’s end-time plans.

Eight years in the making, The R911 Project has been created for this purpose. It helps to put believers (Jews and Gentiles) beginning to track with Israel onto this pathway to establish this journey of faith in the Ekklesia/Church. Not only to understand the importance of the message but also to embrace it and then to learn how to communicate it to others. The R911 Project also gives vision and strategy to the New Wineskin reforms needed in the Ekklesia/Church, emphasizing the significance of prayer and providing greater knowledge and insight for the Watchmen to know how to pray for the rest of the Body to awaken into it.  

The R911 Project video teachings series is perfect for a Bible study or prayer group environment and on a Zoom platform, or even experienced individually. It helps set this pathway of Restoration and is an excellent foundation for deeper types of teachings like Alignment by Asher Intrater and Israel Revealed, written by Arni Klein, as the Body continues this journey.


Romans 911 Media Platform

2023 has been a year of transition for us personally in managing The R911 Project from a production to a promotional mode. This past September, we launched the third and final prong of our R911 Project Media Platform, R911 Project TALKS, along with R911 Project PODCASTS with Charisma Magazine and R911 WATCH, a monthly prayer and study focus in TONM, which were introduced in 2022. R911 Project TALKS are interviews with Messianic and American Church leaders moving into The Reconnection and Alignment message. You can view Season One here. These Media platforms are coordinated with the Media program.


Master Media Marketing Plan

In the Spring, we contracted with HigherLife Publishing & Marketing, a Christian Media company that will manage our advertising program moving forward. Over the past several months, we have been training their team through The R911 Project Study Guide and video teaching series so they would not just understand the message intellectually but also in their hearts and spirits. The greater spiritual download here has not only dramatically impacted each of them personally, but they now truly understand The Reconnection better in how we would move forward with its messaging. 

In addition, with the introduction of the War in Israel, coupled with a horrific unleashing of antisemitism globally, the need to expose and remove these negative influences is great. All we seem to be hearing in the news are the horrible outbreaks of this destructive spirit, but nothing that speaks to its healing and deliverance.

This is one of the main focuses of The R911 Project teachings, not just to expose it, but most importantly, to receive the mercy of God to get free from it and to wash away all past negative influences that are still holding the Body back. No other teaching program currently can deal with these obstacles more effectively than The R911 Project teaching series and give vision for the rebuild, for the Lord has given it for this purpose and for such a time.

With this in mind, our board has given approval to offer The R911 Project video teachings – the ABBREVIATED Version (Eight sessions), as a free gift to the Body of believers to watch, view, and embrace the message, which will be coordinated with the media plan to reach as many believers as possible. We expect to have the free Abbreviated version up on the Website by the beginning of the New Year.


This Master Marketing Strategy Plan for 2024

Below is an outline of the Media Plan for 2024 prepared by our Marketing & Media Team focusing on:

1. Publicity for TV and Radio interviews

2. Social Media campaign on Facebook, X, and YouTube

3. Email Promotion

4. Advertising Campaign for R911 Project TALKS and infomercial

5. Produce Infomercial for R911 Project

6. Personal Appearances

7. Messaging & Summary

8. New Website Landing Page

The next step for us at Reconnecting Ministries is to raise the funds needed to promote the Media Program, laying The Reconnection message at the threshold of the Ekklesia/Church.

Please click here on our website to view the Media Platform budget for 2024.

We need Your Help

Beloved, this is where the rubber meets the road. Now is the time to blow the holy shofar of this Reconnection message toward the Ekklesia/Church. First, to reach these 100 million Watchmen who are praying for Israel and to equip them and increase their knowledge and understanding of this message to know how to pray more effectively for the Peace of Jerusalem to be realized and obviously, for the rest of the Church to awaken into this most vital reconciliation. And then for as many who will open up to it in the Church by breaking away from Replacement mindsets. This is the strategy and the plan.

Beloved, if you have been impacted and changed by The Reconnection message and now understand its importance for the rest of the Body to receive it, please pray and ask the Lord if you are to join us by becoming a Give Chai/Life monthly partner and sowing into the Media platform. Please click here to sow into The Reconnection message where you can view our Give Chai video. Please pray about this over the holidays and we will reach out to you in the New Year.

Over the next couple of months, we will also be reaching out to partner ministries to invite them to share The R911 Project video teaching series into their own ministry streams. Please pray on this for favor from the Lord. Now is the time for this message to go forth and for the Body to work together to rebuild His Kingdom.


Worship & Watchmen Poland/Israel 2024

Finally, Grant&Hali have started working on our next Worship &Watchmen Mission for 2024 to Poland and Israel. More information about this will be forthcoming in January.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support; as usual, we couldn’t do this without you. Please click here for our monthly Prayer Links.

Lots of love in Yeshua,

And for His Glory!

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