May Note From Grant&Hali



We have just returned from visiting family in Italy and England and joining Arni and Yonit Klein from Emmaus Way Ministries in Israel at a worship and prayer conference.

Please pray for Grant’s Mother; she is 88 years old and suffering from mental issues. We spent a week visiting with her in Italy, and then a week in England rekindling family ties, and then finishing for three days at the worship and prayer conference.

As we mentioned in April’s note, I am sensing a stirring in my spirit for my birth land. We will be returning there in the fall to help build up the 10 Days of Prayer ministry and introduce the R911 Project teachings course. 

The worship and prayer conference in Northampton was hosted by Dove Tail Ministries, Brenda Powell, and Juliet Dawn, well-known intercessors and lovers of Israel. Arni Klein taught and led with his worship group from Israel on “Worship Intercession.” And I must say, it was absolutely wonderful. First, to be with 200 intercessors in England who are totally sold out for worship, prayer, and intercession for Israel and the Church. Secondly, Arni Klein is heralding a new type of focus and worship for the body of Messiah/Christ at this time. This new wineskin type of worship was genuinely liberating and considerably freeing in the Spirit. We feel strongly about the place now that the Ekklesia/Church is in great need of help to navigate these end-of-days. The worship brought a deeper place central to the Father’s Heart with greater intimacy and connection to Yeshua/Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

May the spiritual wells of prayer and ministry be revived in the United Kingdom in such a way that a revival will sweep these shores again to awaken a lost and dying generation. Let’s always remember, “Everything starts with prayer!

Grant&Hali prayed into this with Bob Wolff on our monthly PSN call in TONM; click here to listen. You can also watch our latest R911 Project TALKS interview here with Arni Klein in three parts, where we discuss “Worship Intercession” in detail.

R911 Project Media Platform

The media campaign is going really well, continuing with radio and TV interviews and laying the foundation for our first advertising campaign for the R911 Project this fall. You can view our media page here to listen to or watch the latest interviews. Or just click into our latest media interviews.


In May, we will speak at Cornerstone Church in Plainsboro, NJ, on Sunday, May 5th, and teach at the 10-Day Summit in Grove City, Pennsylvania, from May 9th to May 12th. On May 18th and 19th, we will join other prayer leaders from Israel and the nations to pray for Israel’s salvation, which the Global Family of Prayer will host.

Worship & Watchmen Mission Poland 2024                                                              

As promised, by May, we have made a decision and finalized our fall mission. In light of the continuing war and the potential danger in Israel, we have postponed the Israel part of the mission until 2025. However, we will proceed with our prayer mission to Poland, praying for Israel and the Church from the concentration camps and a relatively new 24/7 HOP, the Fountain of Tears, amongst other prayer visits while we are there.  

Find the new flyer with application here. Deposits are due by check and mail at the end of May since time is short now to book flights, etc.                   

Messiah’s House Passover Celebration                                        

Celebrating Passover online with many believers from around the globe was a wonderful blessing. Plus, we discussed better ways to share the Gospel with Jewish people and sent many prayers up to heaven for their salvation. To watch our Passover celebration with Grant&Hali, Bob Wolff, and Carolyn Parr, who led worship, click here.                                             

As always, thank you for your prayers and support; we couldn’t do this without you. Please click here for our monthly Prayer Links for Israel and Reconnecting Ministries.

Lots of love in Yeshua,

And for His Glory!