July Note From Grant&Hali


Beloved Ministry Partners,

May His love empower us to live out and demonstrate the Father’s Love for Yeshua/Jesus, their love for one another, their love for us, our love for God, and our love for one another.

As we move into these summer months, I am sensing a call from the Holy Spirit to move deeper in the Father’s Heart into His unconditional love. I believe this time period for us, His Body, is not so much about the power of the Spirit as it is about the fruit of His Spirit in each of us. So take heart and allow the refiner’s fire to melt away any obstacles and resistances, for we are in preparation for the King and His end-time plans to restore the Earth to heaven. Take heart, beloved, for while it may be challenging, it will be most Glorious!

No R911 Project Webinar for July and August

As a rule we do not host the R911 Webinar in July and August. Our next Webinar meeting will be on Thursday September 1st at 7.15 pm ET. Please enjoy the summer months.

Worship & Watchmen Mission

It’s not too late to sign up for our Worship & Watchmen Mission to Israel, we do still have a few spots left. However, if you are intersted please  don’t wait to contact us as flights are booking up quickly. For more information, please click here.

Winning the Argument*

Moving forward into this next phase, “Winning the Argument” is becoming a major focus for us, and we hope it will be for you as well, as we all get trained up on bringing The Reconnection message to others.

Beloved, in the new wineskin and reformation in the Ekklesia/Church, there is a place for all of us in the Body to take more personal responsibility in communicating these reforms to others so the message will expand. We hope and pray for your agreement in this, as we cannot just leave everything to our leaders, which is mainly how the Church focused in the past. In the new wineskin, all leaders train us up and equip the body for the works of the ministry. This is the way scripture reads here (see Ephesians 4:11-13).

Please listen to and watch our most recent messages on our website that truly re-enforce this message. These messages help us understand the significance of The Reconnection message and understand the need now to enter into greater study and renewal through The R911 Project teaching materials.

A Must Watch Message

On the same note as winnnig the argument, Grant shared a message on his Shavuot/Pentecost address on “Rebuilding the Walls of the Ekkleisa/Church,” which is a MUST watch, click here. 

R911 Project Media Plan

Over the summer, we will put the finishing touches on The R911 Project media plan by gearing up for R911 TALKS, all of which are being promoted by Charisma Magazine. R911 Project TALKS are 30-minute interviews with major leaders in the Ekklesia/Church who are moving into or towards the Israel Piece. The R911 Project Webinar and Podcasts are already launched.

We hope you enjoy watching, listening, and entering into a vital dialogue on all of these issues, which you can do during our Webinar program. Please don’t forget that there are no Webinars in July and August (enjoy the summer Beloved!).
Please pray for The R911 Project and for new monthly Give Chai/Life partners to help with future funding. To sow into The Reconnection message, please click here.
Thank you so much for your prayers and support; we couldn’t do this without you. Please click click here for our monthly Prayer Links.
Lots of love in Yeshua,
and for His Glory,

*Most of you are already aware of the three mannequins dream I had that related to the position of the Reconnection message coming forth. The first mannikin had to do with a Barrister** like an image presenting his legal argument in court. In the British legal system, a Barrister is a lawyer who delivers the argument in court, while a Solicitor is the one who prepares the documents for court. The sense from the Lord was that this is where we are at present. And that those of us already tracking with the message need to learn to win this argument in order for the rest of the Ekklesia/Church to embrace it.

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