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Beloved, we are living in that day! The land of Israel is restored, and the Jewish people are once again awakening to Messiah Yeshua, to Jesus.

In Romans 11, the apostle Paul instructs us not to be ignorant about this mystery, especially now as the fullness of the Gentiles and Israel’s salvation is actually occurring in the same era. We might not have seen or recognized this up until this time. Indeed, that this mystery has been hidden during the Church Age, and is it only now coming to light?
This is why The Romans 911 Project is needed at this time, to help unveil this mystery and establish a pathway for Restoration and Reconciliation to take place in the family of God. We call this message “The Reconnection.” It is a comprehensive study in The One New Man (TONM), between Jewish and Gentile believers and between all races and tongues that will help to restore love and unity according to Yeshua/Jesus’s prayer in John 17.
The Reconnection message drills down deeper into this love and unity and the final reforms for the Ekklesia/Church. The Reconnection helps set the pathway for the Lord’s return; it leads us into God’s end-time plans for the Preparation of the Bride, the last great awakening, the end-time harvest, and Israel’s salvation.
Join me, Grant Berry, as week by week, I begin to unpack this mystery, simplifying it for all of us to understand and embrace.
As we will quickly discover, The Romans 911 Project has end-time consequences for us all!
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Lots of love in Yeshua/Jesus,

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