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Will You Respond?

The most significant response that we can have to the reconnection between Israel and the Church in the last days is to come into Holy Spirit led prayer for Israel and the Nations; to the Jew first and also to the Gentile (Rom. 1:16).

Pray with Reconnecting Ministries At this time and for this purpose we believe that the L-rd is looking to mobilize prayer and intercessory groups through out the Churches and Congregations in the United States and the nations of the world. That a movement would begin amongst us to mobilize this prayer effort, to improve our own understanding and revelations of these times. To coordinate our efforts as to how to pray and intercede through the Holy Spirit specifically that the heavens would be touched and strategically moved in order for this reconnection to take place in the family of G-d. And for the Church to come into its prophetic role through the heart of the Father to loose the breath and mercy of G-d that the intercession would go up to awaken Israel in the Spirit into the perfect timing of G-d to glorify His Son upon the earth (See Ezekiel 36:22-23; 37:9-11; Jeremiah 31:31-34).

We also believe that as the Church takes on the Fathers burden (and comes into agreement with it) to help awaken His first born to fulfill His holy covenants and promises to restore them, that the end time power of G-d would be loosed upon the nations and the world (See Romans 11:15).

Begin a Prayer Meeting for Israel and the Nations

The mandate for Spirit led prayer and intercession is really quite simple and comes from Yeshua’s/ Jesus’s own words in the book of Matthew, “For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them” (Matthew 18:20). For certain at this time there are many others who are being touched by G-d with this desire for reconnection. As a result we would encourage you to connect with them and discuss starting some kind of a prayer meeting. We also encourage full submission and respect to local spiritual authority and in light of the task ahead, spiritual covering is a must for any prayer group interceding for Israel and the Nations. So please be sure to work this out with your local leadership, or with those who are over your ministry.

There is a good outline on some of the differences between regular prayer and Spirit led intercession in chapter 10 of The Ezekiel Generation, with a decent list of prayer topics. Also know that if you have decided to start a new prayer group for Israel and the Nations in your local church or area, we would like to connect with you and help you with your prayer focus. Please contact us and someone from our ministry will be in touch with you to discuss it further.