Connecting the Saints in Prayer

To introduce and promote The Reconnection and Alignment between Jew and Gentile in TONM (The One New Man) near and far, until it is fully embraced and adopted by the Church and Messianic bodies
Grant&Hali Berry lead Reconnecting Ministries and have a unique calling to bring unity between Jewish & Gentile believers into TONM, and to raise up the watchmen of the Lord for God’s end-time plans and purposes.
“I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest,and give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth.”
— Isaiah 62:6-7

FOR 5783/2023

The timing is now for this Reconnection message in TONM to be released into the Ekklesia/Church. The cries and prayers of repentance from His body during this last Feast season have helped open the door for greater love and Reconciliation to break forth in God’s family. This is the next phase in God’s plans to bring about Restoration to rebuild the walls of unity and must not be missed. These are prerequisites to the fullness of power and Glory being released (John 17) and set a pathway for the end-time harvest, Israel’s salvation, and the Lord’s ultimate return.
Please pray for the Ekklesia/Church to open up to this revelation and understanding. Please pray for this ministry, for strength, provision, and focus to bring this message forward at this time, and to raise up an army of intercessors into this fray.

June Prayer Requests

  • Pray for The Southern Steps Outreach that was held May 28th in Jerusalem. Pray that the Holy Spirit will pour an amazing anointing upon the watchmen on the walls, and that there will be Holy Fire to reach the Jewish People with the Good News.
  • Pray for covering, protection, and unity for all those organizing the 21 day prayer and fast leading up to the Southern Steps event.
  • Pray that many are called to participate and spread the word about the Fast and Prayer Event.
  • Pray for Grant as he helps coordinate and encourage the leaders of the prayer and missions movements to come together for this amazing move of the Holy Spirit
  • Pray for Messianic and Christian Leaders to work together in Unity, that there will be a coming together in Kingdom collaboration.
  • Pray for more presenters, more listeners and more people to engage with social media. Pray also for a financial blessing.
  • Pray that The Lord will bless the efforts to publicize the R911 message and materials.
  • Pray for those groups already doing the course to receive greater depth and revelation for The R911 Project message and for new groups to embrace the message.
  • Pray for a Baptism of Love to be released to all who come close to R911
  • Pray for a spiritual covering, grace, protection, health and blessing for Grant&Hali
  • Prayer for Grant&Hali’s children to know and walk with the Lord. Joshua (33– Chapter 1 – The Ezekiel Generation), Ariel (28), Jonathan (27), Joshua (24), and Madison (23) Pray also for a peace that passes all understanding and inner healing at the loss of their Mum.
  • Prayers for the new focus of TONM+ with Return Israel, R911 Watch, and Kingdom Living. Pray that these relationships expand and grow.

Strategic Prayer Points

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