Jewish Roots


Understanding Your Jewish Faith

“Jewish Roots is a balanced and solid presentation that covers many of the most important themes of Biblical theology and its connection to the original Jewish context for understanding the Bible.” -Mike Bickle, International House of Prayer of Kansas City

“Jewish Roots is a classic. A foundational treatise in understanding Messianic Theology.” -John Dawson, President Emeritus of Youth With A Mission

“This welcomed new addition will be a blessing to yet another generation as we face new challenges and engage new ideas.” -Rabbi Howard Silverman, President, Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations.

Dan Juster

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Jewish Roots, a Foundation of Biblical Theology, is an introduction to biblical theology from a Jewish contextual point of view plus practical evaluation and council for the Messianic Jewish communities and the Church. Jewish Roots has been a foundational book in the issues of Biblical theology, Israel and the Church, the Jewish people, the Messianic Jewish community and more. It deals with important biblical matters such as the relationship of law and grace, the role of the Spirit, and an approach to Judaism. The new edition takes account of recent biblical scholarship and evaluates the progress of the Messianic Jewish community.

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