Time to Sound the Alarm

There are already some wonderful books written on The One New Man, between Jew and Gentile and Israel and the Church. However, very little has been written yet to help us move into it more effectively.

ROMANS 911 has been written for this purpose.

The book introduces every believer to a most vital spiritual transaction in The Father’s Heart, known as “The Reconnection, ” that will ultimately transform the Church. And it awakens us to the significance of this message. The Reconnection is best described as a spiritual re-marriage between believing Jews and Gentiles in Yeshua/Jesus; between the Gentile Church and the re-emerging remnant of Israel with all that goes along with this restoration and re-alignment during these days, now that Israel’s spiritual awakening is upon us.



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Jewish Roots, a Foundation of Biblical Theology, is an introduction to biblical theology from a Jewish contextual point of view plus practical evaluation and council for the Messianic Jewish communities and the Church. Jewish Roots has been a foundational book in the issues of Biblical theology, Israel and the Church, the Jewish people, the Messianic Jewish community and more. It deals with important biblical matters such as the relationship of law and grace, the role of the Spirit, and an approach to Judaism. The new edition takes account of recent biblical scholarship and evaluates the progress of the Messianic Jewish community.

ROMANS 911 Intro and Chapter Outline Videos

Grant shares on the background for each part and chapter of the book