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Join us monthly to pray into The Reconnection in TONM

Join the Watchmen on the wall monthly to pray into The Romans 911 Project, into the fullness of John 17 love and unity in The One New Man (TONM). 

When: Last Thursday of each month – 6 – 7 pm ET on Zoom

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Now more than ever before, there is great need for us to come together to unite into study and dialogue to fully understand God’s end-plans to Restore the Earth to Himself.

It is also true to say that when it comes to the Restoration in The One New Man (TONM), which only comes to us by spiritual revelation from the Lord, we are all on individual journeys to pursue greater knowledge and understanding. Breaking off the obstacles and the divisions that have existed in the Body between us is just the beginning of this journey.

Once we have been restored into John 17 love and unity, there is a great need to enter a time of study and renewal in heart and mind, especially in the Word and our understanding to be able to test and approve the Father’s plans and will for these days (see Romans 12:1-2). Then fully living out this Reconnection message, which requires God’s children from the nations to embrace their Messianic family, and God’s first-born children to embrace the believing Church.

We must come to understand that 1700 years of replacement thinking and influences will not just go away overnight or through saying a prayer. Confession and Prayer are good, but true repentance needs to be walked out in this area that all of us as God’s children may realize the plans of God for our lives and the Ekklesia/Church. 

Reconnection and Alignment is not a message we can take lightly; it will require dedication and commitment on behalf of the Lord’s Body. A pathway is being set before us that will require reforms in the Ekklesia/Church. Plus, the Remnant is called to intercede for the rest of the Body to come into this Restoration. Building up and preparing the Remnant is one of the main strategies from the Lord to help bring this to pass, which The Romans 911 Project helps to unveil to the Body.

Simply put, there is a lot for us to learn about these new days that we are entering into to prepare His Ekklesia/Church for the battles that will ensue before the Lord’s return.

The Romans 911 Project WATCH

This is also why we have produced The Romans 911 Project WATCH. A monthly virtual meeting online where many of us from around the globe can get together to study The Reconnection and Alignment message. Fully understanding the obstacles, the modifications, the plans and purposes, and the strategies from heaven to help bring about these changes in the Ekklesia/Church. And to fellowship and realize this transition together as a family in God.

Take The Reconnection Challenge! When you sign up we will send you a free copy of the Second Edition of Romans 911 – Time to Sound the Alarm.

Here’s what we are asking you to do to move into and embrace the message.

Take The Reconnection Challenge

Set yourselves apart to be transformed and renewed into this Restoration in God’s family:

  • Take The Romans 911 Study Guide Course with friends and family or with your Church or Congregation. Click on the Reconnecting Ministry website for more information on this life-changing seminar and to purchase the Romans 911 books. When you buy the books, you will receive the video teaching series free.
  • Join The Romans 911 Project WATCH on the last Thursday of the month to study and pray with many others who are receiving this download from the Lord.
  • Make a commitment to this prayer time to see how the Lord will equip and build you up in this most crucial area for the family of God to reconcile in TONM.

You can make a difference!

We can make a difference!

All aboard!

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Special Offer: Receive a FREE copy of the Second Edition of Romans 911 – Time to Sound the Alarm! When you take the Reconnection Challenge and sign up for the R911 Project WATCH.

The Reconnection message has end-time consequences for us all! 

When: Last Thursday of each month, details and Zoom info at the top of this page.

May God’s richest blessings be upon you as you move into and embrace the fullness of TONM and His love for His family to be ONE.

Lots of love in Yeshua/Jesus,

And for His Glory

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