Recommended Readings

In accordance with The One New Man

Apostolic Foundations

by Art Katz


by Asher Intrater

Rees Howells Intercessor

by Norman Grubb

Awakening The One New Man

by Robert Wolff 

Your People Shall Be My People

by Don Finto

One New Man

by Reuven Doron

Love Revolution 

by Gaylord Enns

God’s True Love

by David Harwood

Hearing Love

by David Lee Brown

Ben Israel

by Art Katz


by Stan Tulchin

Of Whom Do The Prophets Speak? 

by Howard Morgan

Jewish Roots

by Dr. Daniel Juster

Christian Antisemitism

by Dr. Michael Brown

The Real Kosher Jesus

by Dr. Michael Brown


by Dr. Daniel Juster

Catch & Release

by Robert Wolff

Sitting With Seamoor

by Robert Wolff

Kingdom Calling

by Robert Wolff


by Earl Clampett


by Earl Clampett

Tabernacle Prayer

by Audrey McIntyre

For The Sake of The Fathers

by David Harwood

Who Ate Lunch With Abraham

by Asher Intrater


by Abner Suarez

Grace Beyond Reason

by Jerry Miller

Why Me?

by Jacob Damkani

Beyond The Open Door

by Gary DePasquale

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