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ROMANS 911 - Time to Sound the Alarm!

Israel is re-awakening. There is a transformation and reconnection coming in the family of God between believing Jews and Gentiles in The One New Man. This comprehensive study unpacks the reconnection message to awaken and inspire you to embrace this vital key to God’s plans in the last days.

This book will help you :

  • Receive clear understanding of the role you can play
  • Learn the issues that have kept us apart and held back this unity
  • Move into strategic intercession inspired by the Holy Spirit.
  • Will you be part of this end-time revelation?

    ROMANS 911 has end time consequences for us all!

The Reconnection Mandate

Reconnecting Romans Ministries 911 was founded in 2013 to introduce and promote The Reconnection in The Father’s Heart between Jew and Gentile in The One New Man, both near and far, until it is fully received and moved into by the Church and Messianic bodies.

Grant and Hali Berry

Grant and his wife, Hali, travel extensively across the USA and internationally, bringing this message wherever they go. They are helping to awaken the Church and Messianic bodies to step into the Father’s Heart for The Reconnection, reuniting God’s family and mobilizing them into this fray.

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