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Become a disciple of John 17 and get equipped to introduce The Reconnection message.

  • Take The Romans 911 Study Guide Course with friends and family or with your Church or Congregation. Click on the Reconnecting Ministry website for more information on this life-changing seminar and to purchase the Romans 911 books. When you buy the books, you will receive the video teaching series free.
  • Join The Romans 911 Project WATCH on the last Thursday of the month to study and pray with many others who are receiving this download from the Lord.
  • Make a commitment to this prayer time to see how the Lord will equip and build you up in this most crucial area for the family of God to reconcile in TONM.

You can make a difference! We can make a difference! All Aboard!

The Reconnection message has end-time consequences for us all!

(Receive a FREE copy of Romans 911 Second Edition when joining our monthly R911 Project WATCH)