Reconnection Mandate

The 5 Directives for The Reconnection Mandate In The One New Man between Christians and Messianic Jews

A document given by the Lord to Grant Berry to help the body of Messiah/Christ move into Restoration in the family of God.

Reconnection and Alignment in The One New Man    

By Grant Berry and Leslie Crincoli

Directive No. 1

Explain the need for The Reconnection

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Teaching and prayer over the 10 Days of Awe for Directive No. 1.


The Reconnection Mandate is comprised of five directives for the body of Messiah/Christ. It explains the necessary steps designed to guide the body into The Reconnection in TONM between Jewish and Gentile believers and Israel and the Church (see Ephesians 2:11-22). The Reconnection message focuses largely on restoring and reconciling this special relationship in God’s family, a bond that also acts as a catalyst to help fulfill God’s end-time plans.

While we concentrate mainly on this Reconciliation, it is not the main goal of The Reconnection message. Our overall objective is to rediscover and reactivate greater love and unity in the family of God, according to the Lord’s Prayer in John 17. Here we find that Yeshua/Jesus releases His glory to a united family, one that mirrors the beautiful unity between Father and Son. This is our mission and purpose; however, we are convinced that this Reconnection message is the epicenter of this Restoration and is foundational to the rest. So, focusing on this part of God’s plan first opens the door to the balance; this is our approach. We must not put the cart before the horse!

The Reconnection specifically undertakes to mend the breach between Messianic Jewish and Gentile believers. Repairing this rift is also foundational to rebuild unity in other areas of the body of Messiah/Christ where factions exist, such as racial and theological divisions. A focus first on unity between Jewish and Gentile believers opens the door of God’s plan to heal ruptures that have fragmented the body. We believe this John 17 love is a prerequisite to the final outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the fire of God relating to end-time events. The Reconnection message helps to restore the body of Messiah/Christ to its former glory for its future glory!

With this in mind, The Reconnection becomes one of the most significant spiritual transactions of our time. Metaphorically speaking, the body is led onto a bridge of “Restoration” where God’s mercy releases healing between God’s firstborn children and His children from the nations. Through the Restoration, Jewish and Gentile believers are prompted to reconcile in TONMThe two reunited groups in Yeshua/Jesus then cross the bridge onto a pathway of Realignment that produces actionable partnership between the Gentile Church and the Remnant of Israel. The Reconnection message restores the Church’s identity in and with Israel and helps to build greater unity in the body of Messiah/Christ, thus enabling the Church/Ekklesia to fulfill its destiny.

We are living in “that day” of Israel’s physical & spiritual restoration (see Amos 9:11). It is a time in history about which the apostle Paul challenged us not to be ignorant concerning the mystery of Israel’s salvation (see Romans 11:25-27). We need not  only to understand  it  but also  to be prepared  to explain its full significance to others, so that this spiritual transaction can take place in the family of God. For this reason, it is crucial to grasp The Reconnection message and its tie to “that day,” especially now that Israel is awakening spiritually, and the Gentile Church is awakening to Israel.

Our response must shift now as we seek to help our Father restore His firstborn (Jewish believers) into unity with the rest of the body. We not only need to give it our full support but recognize it as a corrected pathway connecting to the end-time harvest and Israel’s salvation. Unity in TONM is a golden key to unlocking this mystery that ultimately makes Israel/the Church complete. (Israel and the Church ultimately become one at the end of the age.) This relationship is explained in detail in Romans 911Time To Sound The Alarm! It is interesting to note that Romans 9-11, Numbers 9:11, Amos 9:11, and Ezekiel 37:9-11 all share the common numerals of 9 and 11. Additionally, each of these references sounds an alarm of our Lord and alerts us to Israel’s awakening and our significant role in reviving the body of Messiah/Christ.

Paul refers to the end-time harvest when he writes in Romans 11 that “the fullness of the Gentiles has come in” and “all Israel will be saved.” The Church has traditionally understood these events to mean that once the full number of Gentiles has been brought to salvation, then all Israel shall be saved. This interpretation has shifted the Kingdom focus of the gospel away from Israel and has led the Church to concentrate on reaching the nations and leave Israel’s salvation to God. While there is a sequence in these verses, we believe that they should be viewed in a broader sense.

The gospel has been preached to the Gentile nations since the time of the Acts of the Apostles and should obviously continue through to fulfillment. Yet we are also entering a time where the blindness of the Jewish people to the gospel is lifting. An increasing number are discovering Yeshua/Jesus as Messiah, more than at any time since the 1st century. We believe it is an era where the fullness of the Gentiles is occurring at the same time as Israel’s openness to the gospel; and the two are intricately linked together. Believers during much of the Church age may not have seen or understood the connection until this time. This concurrent progression actually creates a synergistic effect whereby both groups are ignited to greater growth through The Reconnection message. Growth will be further advanced when the Church rightly comprehends and realigns to the Kingdom principle of the gospel, which is to the Jew first (Romans 1:16).

The Reconnection in TONM helps to accomplish this advancement and consummate the Church’s return towards Israel by stimulating Israel’s awakening and spiritual restoration to a greater degree. It is a power equation to realign the Church back into the fullness of her identity in and with Israel and to awaken and prepare the bride for Yeshua’s return. The Reconnection message strips the devil of divisive powers relating to family unity and helps to chart a course to heal and restore other divisions in the family of God.

We must come to understand that there is no substitute for this message of renewed unity. It is God’s way to move his Holy Temple (Church/Ekklesia), His ark back towards Jerusalem, to prepare the bride for the Bridegroom (1Corinthians 3:16; 6:19: Isaiah 62:6-7; Revelation 19:7). This is God’s plan and like David we must discover His directives to achieve the goal (2 Samuel 6:12-15; 1 Chronicles 15:1-28).

Directive No. 2

Reconnect as One Body in Mashiach/Christ

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Teaching and prayer over the 10 Days of Awe for Directive No. 2.

In the first article, Directive No. 1 of The Reconnection Mandate, we explained the pressing need for the family of God from the Gentile and Jewish sides to reunite into this spiritual Reconnection and Alignment. Paul writes in Ephesians 2:14 that through Yeshua/Jesus’s death and resurrection, He has made One New Man from the two, making peace between them, quenching hostility, and reconciling both to God as one body.

One New Man Out of the Two

This unique relationship is also seen prophetically in the Hebrew Scriptures. In the book of Ruth, we see a beautiful picture where Ruth, representing the Gentiles, committed herself to Naomi & Boaz, representing Israel, and conversely Naomi & Boaz committed themselves to Ruth.

The joined body is bound together through Mashiach/Christ as one new race [or humanity]. They are no longer separate entities but one with God and one another, creating a bond that can be likened to a type of marriage. Believing Jew and Gentile are united in the body of Messiah/Christ as TONM (The One New Man) and become His holy tabernacle on the earth. (see Exodus 40; 1 Corinthians 3:16-17; 2 Corinthians 6:16). Two equal parties with different roles, personalities, backgrounds, and functions are knit together with a singleness of God-given purpose. They adhere to each other, attaining unity of the Spirit to fulfill God’s plan in redeeming the world through His Son. Independent of each other, they are unable to fulfill their calling. But together in Mashiach/Christ, they complete the plan of God for these end-times.

It was this One New Man that rocked the world as the Church emerged before it became disconnected from Israel, as well as its Jewish roots and heritage. It wasn’t long, however, before the united Church came under attack. As the gospel spread, the Gentile contingent grew in number until the Church became predominantly non-Jewish. Throughout the centuries that followed, the Church became separated from her Jewish family. Over time the enemy’s divisive strategies began to infiltrate the Church in this area. The outcome of these deceptions resulted in antisemitic and replacement thinking that Rome, unfortunately, encouraged as it helped the Church to nationalize.

Replacement Theology

For those not familiar with the terminology, replacement theology is the belief that the Church has now replaced Israel in all of its covenants, promises, prophecies, and blessings. It exposits that this legacy no longer applies to Israel (the Jewish people), but it has been transferred to the Church.

And so, the special love and unity between Jewish and Gentile believers became severed, impacting and impairing the Church’s identity in and with Israel. It not only disconnected them from one another but also separated the Church from its Jewish roots and heritage. A deep chasm was formed in the Church’s foundation, a gulf that needs God’s healing to restore Israel and the Church, and especially now as we draw down to the end-times with Israel’s spiritual awakening. Additionally, we believe that this spirit of division satan spawned between Jewish and Gentile believers has empowered the enemy and his forces to bring greater division to other parts of the body of Messiah/Christ. The first breach in the Church was not with Eastern Orthodoxy; it was a break with her Jewish identity.

The Church has never fully and profoundly dealt with the division and separation. More specifically, the root issues may still be deeply ingrained and entrenched in our minds and hearts. These strongholds largely remain in the family of God, spiritually isolating Jewish and Gentile believers from each other. But God’s children from the nations are not alone here, as Jewish believers have their own set of issues to deal with in this reconciliation. Repentance and renewal in the familial relationship between Jew and Gentile among both groups will help to restore a pathway to John 17 unity and rightly lay the groundwork for healing and restoration of other divisions in the Church.

As we draw closer to the Lord’s return with the awakening of Israel, it is paramount for us to reconcile with one another. The Father’s oneness and love with Yeshua/Jesus and our oneness and love with Him and with one another are crucial to this process. The walls of love and unity in the family of God must be rebuilt so He can release the greater glory upon us (John 17).

The Reconnection is more about the Father’s love for us and our love for one another than anything else. A natural outflow of the restored relationship in TONM may lead the Church to connect back to its Jewish roots and biblical calendar (God’s appointed times and feasts). However, the Church should not emphasize its Jewish roots (already occurring in some parts of the body) without foremost having the Father’s Heart for the Jewish side of the family relationally; otherwise, we could miss the mark. The Church first must desire love and unity in that relationship, which will produce ripe fruit.

The benchmark of this unity is the “Echad” (meaning “oneness”) of the Lord found in Genesis 1:26, and in Deuteronomy 6:4. In John 17, Yeshua/Jesus prays for Echad[DC1]  among His followers that they exemplify the oneness that exists between Father and Son. This passage may be construed more pointedly as unity between Jewish and Gentile believers. First, He prays for protection and unity among His Jewish followers that established the Church (vv. 6-19). Then he prays for those who would believe in Him through THEIR message (vv. 20-21), namely the Gentiles, God’s children from the nations, that they may be one. Yeshua/Jesus foreknew His Jewish followers would go out to the nations to fulfill Israel’s call (see Isaiah 49:6), so those who believe could be grafted into Israel and become one with her (see Romans 11:17-18). This depiction represents the TONM! Together they bear witness to the world that Yeshua/Jesus was sent by the Father. In this light, unity between Jewish and Gentiles believers is foundational to the rest, especially  now as the Father looks to fully restore unity and love in His family, which ultimately leads to Israel’s salvation.

The bar for love and unity is high in the Kingdom of God. We need to look back at what was created in the first century Church with a view of what it will create as we invite the Father to reunite us. It is time to dismantle the personal and corporate obstacles positioned against love and unity and allow God to fully heal the breach in the foundation of His Ekklesia from its past.

Ephesians 3:6 states, “We are heirs together with Israel.” Now Israel’s restoration has begun, there is a correction and an adjustment needed between God’s first-born children and His children from the nations, between the Gentile Church and the remnant of Israel, that will help to prepare the bride for her priestly role to rule and reign with Mashiach/Christ. The bride will embody people from every tribe, language, and nation to serve the Lord and reign with Him on the earth (see Revelation 5:9-10). The unified bride is the Israel of God (Ekkelsia/Church), but never without her physical association to and with the people of Israel.

The Reconnection in TONM is the final piece of restoration for the Ekklesia/Church, just as Yeshua/Jesus outlined when He said that the “first would be last” (see Matthew 20:16). A restored unity will strengthen, bless, and empower the body of Messiah/Christ to prepare us for God’s end-time glory plan, and it creates a pathway for it – Resurrection power, “Life from the dead!” (Ezekiel 37:12-13; Romans 11:12,15).

 [DC1] Can you use Echad even though a greek word was used in the scripture? I’m not sure.

Directive No. 3

Pursue True Repentance

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Teaching and prayer over the 10 Days of Awe for Directive No. 3.

Repentance Defined

For restoration to be realized in The One New Man (TONM) between believing Jews and Gentiles, true repentance is necessary. First, let’s define repentance, and second, understand its application in the context of The Reconnection message.

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines repentance as “the action or process of repenting, especially for misdeeds or moral shortcomings.” Repenting means “to turn from sin and dedicate oneself to the amendment of one’s life.” I sometimes think the modern Church has lost the true meaning of this foundational tenet of the faith. It is not just about confession; confession is only the beginning of the process of repentance. If we have any doubts about the application of repentance, the Apostle Paul brings a very clear explanation in the book of Acts when speaking with King Agrippa. “I preached that they should repent and turn to God and demonstrate their repentance by their deeds” (Acts 26:20). Repentance requires action to correct what is wrong.

Our understanding of the complete meaning of repentance is highly significant when it comes to The Reconnection and moving into restoration in TONM. We need to grasp the full measure of our Father’s directives and grant Him unlimited access to our hearts through which love and unity can thrive. We are at the time in history where Israel is awakening to her calling and destiny, and Jewish people are finding their identity in Yeshua/Jesus. And so, God’s children from the nations need to be fully reconciled with Israel’s remnant (Jewish believers in Yeshua), and Israel’s remnant needs to be fully reconciled with God’s children from the nations. As we have already discussed in Directives 1 and 2, this is an essential part of God’s end-time plans to restore love and unity to the balance in His family. Full repentance here means that the Gentile branches wholly embrace the Jewish branches of the olive tree and the covenants and election of the people of Israel along with their own. One New Man does not mean one less Jew! Jewish identity needs to be restored among Jewish believers in the Church/Ekklesia and to dwell in love unity with their non-Jewish family.

This Will Require a Shift

The Reconnection will require a significant shift for all family members, especially the Church, which has been separated from Israel, and its Jewish roots and heritage for over 1700 years. In this light, it is critical for the body of Messiah/Christ to recognize and address the personal issues that are keeping us separated, particularly the spiritual, emotional, and theological barriers that have blocked harmony and unity between Messianic Jews and believing Gentiles. Parts of the Church have acknowledged some issues, but not all of them, and the unity between Jewish and Gentile believers remains mostly fragmented and is still much misunderstood. 

In Romans 12, Paul speaks of the heart transformation that revolutionizes relationships and challenges believers to live as one family. The essence of this transformation is based on repentance, mutual submission, humility, and honesty on the parts of Jew and Gentile alike (see chapters 2, 7, and 8 in Romans 911). Through The Reconnection and Alignment process, we understand that judgment begins in the house of God. In this context, judgment is not an adverse thing; rather, it is an act of mercy and healing from God. The God of mercy wants to purify, heal, and restore His family to one another (see Romans 11:32), expose satan’s influences in these areas, and resolve these issues so that together as TONM, we gain authority to fulfill God’s end-time plans on the Earth. The body must come to understand the fullness of satan’s deceptions and be willing to uncover and eradicate them. We need to face them, or they will prevent us from embracing this reunion. 

The Obstacles

We defined replacement theology in Directive No. 2. Antisemitism is outward discrimination or acts of hostility towards and against Jewish people. Generational antisemitism is subtler; it is the influence of sin in our forefathers that travels from one generation to the next. Its effects are evident in much of the Church, yet most are unaware of its influence. For example, a believer may know and believe there is still the promise for the Jewish people, yet their hearts can be stony and indifferent towards them. This is because of generational antisemitism. satan has also stealthily woven the replacement mindset into the Gentile believing Church to the degree that most are unaware of its influence. And it has spawned an identity in the Church apart from Israel that is disconnected from its Jewish roots and heritage. The global Church, planted by the western Church, has also been influenced in this way. So, all of God’s children from the nations need to examine themselves carefully when addressing The Reconnection in TONM. The Church/Ekklesia must rid itself of ALL antisemitism, and the counterfeit belief of replacement theology in ALL its variations must be cut at the roots. 

The entire Church must also be willing to confess and repent of any emotional issues, such as jealousy or hatred, judgment or criticism that may be in our hearts and enter into a renewed love and support for our Jewish brethren. Likewise, Jewish believers need to address any heart issues that keep them apart and separate from loving their Gentile believing family. These are the sibling obstacles that we need to ask God to remove from our hearts.

Most of these issues were seeded and fueled by the enemy as the God’s children from the nations assumed control over the Church (third and fourth centuries). As a result, these influences and flawed theology have traveled the generations to the modern-day, mostly without repentance. We must point out that we are not personally responsible for the sins of our fathers and mothers. However, erroneous doctrine or negative spiritual influences may still linger through the generational bloodline, affecting our minds and hearts, the way we think and act towards the Jewish people and Israel, or even causing us to sin. Therefore, shouldn’t we want to address all of these issues to get free of them?

Mending The Breach

Mending this breach between Jewish and Gentile believers helps pave the way to greater unity in the body of Messiah/Christ and restore the Church to its former glory and move it into the “latter glory.” A restored One New Man will empower the Church to mend other divisions in the family of God (racial, theological, etc.), bringing it to wholeness and effectiveness. But first, we must come to this place of repentance.

To paraphrase Romans 12:2 in this light: “Do not conform any longer to the old wineskin where Jew and Gentile were still separated in the One New Man, but be transformed into a new wineskin by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – His good, pleasing and perfect will.” Pursuing true repentance through The Reconnection will prepare our hearts and minds to be renewed in TONM.

Directive No. 4

Study Diligently

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Teaching and prayer over the 10 Days of Awe for Directive No. 4.

Study to show yourself approved (see 2 Timothy 2:15)

The Romans 911 Project defines and examines all the issues concerning The Reconnection and Alignment in The One New Man (TONM). These project materials, comprised of two comprehensive study books and a 12-hour bible teaching series, identify and release God’s plan and strategy to restore love and  unity in God’s family, and helping us to fully embrace it, particularly among Jewish and Gentile believers. We, therefore, encourage all Messianic Jews and Christians to enter into a time of bible study using the Romans 911 Project and other books, allowing the Holy Spirit to Restore the fullness of our identity in and with Israel.

As explained in Directive No. 3, it is requisite for Jewish and Gentile believers to find a place of complete repentance and reconciliation to transform the Church/Ekklesia into unity where all races and people groups love and serve the other with the Heart of the Father. God will use this work of grace in His restrengthened body to open the door to world revival and the last great awakening. It will bring Israel back to life and release the end-time harvest. This transition, however, is not attained easily, nor is it a quick fix. It is a process; it takes time and dedication to take root in us fully. Remember that the body of Jewish and Gentile believers has been largely separated from and intolerant towards each other for about 1700 years. These are new days for all of us.

Renewing Our Minds

After the Apostle Paul’s dissertation of Israel and the Church in Romans 11, he instructs followers in Romans 12:2 to be “transformed and progressively changed…by the renewing of your minds.” As we study the scriptures related to restoration in TONM with an open heart and a thirst for God’s truth, we are renewing our minds. We are committing to a deeper understanding of God’s plan for His people from both branches of the olive tree. Scriptural study is designed not only for the sake of understanding but, more importantly, to change our thinking and give us God’s perspective. It will necessitate change on our part to allow God to renew our minds and reveal His Heart to us as we dig into His Word, but it is vital. With cleansed and submitted hearts and transformed thinking, we are ready to transition into realignment regarding Israel’s remnant and the Gentile Church and take our roles in fulfilling His plan on the earth.

We find a call to action in James 1:22 that “we must not be only hearers of this word, but doers,” a further step in The Reconnection message. As we are reestablished in our connection to our Jewish brothers and sisters and the changes it brings to the body (see Romans 911, chapters 5 & 6), we realize the significance of becoming disciples of this message. Even more, we are compelled to communicate to others what we have learned. Disciples are learners who apply the teaching to their lives, put into practice what they learn, and lead others to do the same. This degree of discipleship will mobilize the body of Messiah/Christ to bring forth the The Reconnection message as we move into the end-time period before the Lord’s return r r r

The Sons of Issachar

It is essential that we seek and cultivate discernment at this juncture in time. In 1 Chronicles 12:32, we find a model of discernment in the example of the sons of Issachar. We read that these Jewish tribal leaders understood the times in which they lived, what God was doing, and the course of action to take in commanding their tribe to help make David king of Israel. That insight gave them the understanding of God’s plan, so they knew how to respond. It’s a special type of wisdom about the signs of the times and the strategy required to position us for action. It comes through earnestly seeking God’s heart in prayer, poring over and understanding the truth of scripture, and relying on the Holy Spirit for direction.

Discernment and committed study are important to carry this message forward. Let us pray for God’s wisdom and discernment to avoid the pitfalls and attacks of the enemy who will be on the prowl for areas or issues he can use to divide us. Like Paul, let us not be ignorant of his devices and allow our love, wisdom, and discernment to outsmart and expose him at every turn so we may achieve and complete this process. Let’s engage in advancing God’s purposes and following His strategy for His unified people. Time is short. It’s time to sound the alarm!

Directive No. 5


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Teaching and prayer over the 10 Days of Awe for Directive No. 5.

Give Him No Rest Concerning Jerusalem

Isaiah 62:6-7 directs us to “give yourselves no rest, and give Him no rest till He establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth.” We are all called to prayer and the Lord instructs us to persist in interceding for the “peace of Jerusalem” (see Psalm 122:6). Through intercession for Jerusalem first, the Church will regain its focus to embrace God’s final plan for humankind when true and lasting peace is finally established on the earth (see Revelation 21:1-6).

According to scripture, God’s covenantal promises to His firstborn for their salvation, as well as the fullness of the Gospel to the nations, must take place before Yeshua/Jesus returns (Genesis 17:1-13, 22:15-18; Jeremiah 31:35-36; Ezekiel 36:21-28,37:1-14, 37:21-28; Matthew 28:18-20; Romans 11:25-29). Through The Reconnection message, we understand the outpourings of the Gospel to both the Jews and Gentiles at this time of Israel’s awakening are interwoven. And we reapply the Kingdom principle of the Gospel to the Jew first and then to the nations (see Romans 1:16), which ignites the Church. This corrected principle is contrary to how the Gospel was spread during most of the Church Age, which focused solely on the call to the nations.

Persistent intercession is prevailing in prayer for God’s plan until it is achieved. Gentile believers have been given the Gospel to make Israel jealous (see Romans 11:11, 13-14) and must now fulfill their role on earth to bring the Kingdom forth, which in turn ignites the harvest of the nations. This is God’s Glory Plan to reunite His family so the fullness of the Gentiles will come in and world revival will explode, culminating in Israel’s redemption.

The enemy will resist with every weapon in his arsenal, and so it will take persistence, discernment, and God’s strategy to dismantle the opposition. We must remember that our fight is not against flesh and blood but against rulers of darkness and spiritual powers in the heavens (see Ephesians 6:12). There are major battles here for us to undertake that our Lord has already won. But it is our responsibility to cooperate with Him under the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit for the fulfillment of His plans to redeem the earth.


Through a lifestyle of love and prayer, expanded understanding, increased wisdom, and unceasing commitment, The Reconnection Mandate shows us the pathway for the “fullness of the Gentiles” to come into the Kingdom, and “all Israel being saved” (see Romans 11:26-27).

Love and Witness to the Jewish People – Personal Focus

As the body reunites and moves into greater prayer and intercession for Israel’s salvation, witness and evangelism will follow. Through the Father’s love, we will want to release God’s mercy and love towards the Jewish people that they may ultimately be saved. This act in itself will fulfill the call for the Gentile side of the family to aid in Israel’s salvation (see Romans 11:30-31). We must stand in the gap to pray that the breath of God may be released back into the children of Israel (see Ezekiel 37:9-11) and move as vessels of this mercy. “How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without someone preaching to them?” (see Romans 10:14 -15).

As God looks to restore Israel, becoming a witness to Jewish people needs to be a part of our lifestyle, based on relationship and friendship, and unconditional love (assuming we are in the reach of Jewish people). It is important to learn how to skillfully bring the good news back to the Jewish people.

Love and Witness to the Jewish People – Corporate Focus

Reembracing our Messianic family into the body of Messiah/Christ will bring balance to His Church and greater clarity in understanding God’s end-time plans from both Jewish and Gentile perspectives. The Reconnection message removes confusion from our ranks and sets us on a course to help pave the way for Lord’s return. God is shifting paradigms and structures to release the Ekklesia/Church into His plans (away from an inward focus to an outward one), which is being poured in a new wineskin. New wine is now flowing to a remnant who are hungering and thirsting for more of God. God is using this remnant as they stand in the gap to awaken the Church to reach the lost, both from Israel and the nations.

Foundational to the new wineskin is the emergence of the prayer movement all over the earth in the spirit of David’s Tent (1 Chronicles 16:1-36). The movement incorporates Harp & Bowl worship and prayer ascending to the heavens to help clear the skies. Supplemental to Harp & Bowl is Pure Intercession, which up to this point in time is less known. Pure Intercession releases Strategic Intercession from the heavens back to the earth to unveil God’s plans and strategies and put the enemy under His feet. Pure Intercession is a more targeted type of prayer initiative led by the Holy Spirit to receive greater spiritual insights from the throne and deal with obstacles and strongholds that hinder breakthrough. All prayer initiatives, however, are crucial to the process of releasing God’s Kingdom principles in greater measure on the Earth and to dislodge the enemy, making way for God’s Son to rule and reign.

Realignment to Our Apostolic Roots

The Church/Ekklesia must amend its self-centered focus that has stifled its God-given purpose. We need to return to the Fear of the Lord. God’s end-time bride is spotless and without wrinkle, contrite and pure of heart, seeking the Lord wholeheartedly (see Numbers 14:24). The bride must begin now to make preparations for Yeshua/Jesus’s coming! (See Revelation 19:7).

With a recentered focus, the Church needs to move towards the original apostolic design to equip and release the saints for the works of ministry through prayer and witness (see Ephesian 4:11-12). A return to apostolic ministry requires the Church/Ekklesia to shift and break off all worldly (Babylonian) influences and fully reembrace the fivefold gifts and leadership into the body of Messiah/Christ for greater function and governance. Simply put, if God designed His Church to operate on five cylinders and we have limited it to two, mainly to Pastor and teacher with the third cylinder of Evangelism showing up every now and then, wouldn’t the body suffer as a result? This is why we will need to find a way through the numerous obstacles to restore the fivefold gifts and release greater authority upon us.

These strategies to mobilize the body of Messiah/Christ into these areas are fully addressed in The Romans 911 Project and The Ezekiel Generation.