Reconnection Mandate

The 5 Directives for The Reconnection Mandate In The One New Man between Christians and Messianic Jews

A document given by the Lord to Grant Berry to help the body of Messiah/Christ move into Restoration in the family of God.

Reconnection and Alignment in The One New Man    

By Grant Berry and Leslie Crincoli

Directive No. 4

Study Diligently

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Teaching and prayer over the 10 Days of Awe for Directive No. 4.

Study to show yourself approved (see 2 Timothy 2:15)

The Romans 911 Project defines and examines all the issues concerning The Reconnection and Alignment in The One New Man (TONM). These project materials, comprised of two comprehensive study books and a 12-hour bible teaching series, identify and release God’s plan and strategy to restore love and  unity in God’s family, and helping us to fully embrace it, particularly among Jewish and Gentile believers. We, therefore, encourage all Messianic Jews and Christians to enter into a time of bible study using the Romans 911 Project and other books, allowing the Holy Spirit to Restore the fullness of our identity in and with Israel.

As explained in Directive No. 3, it is requisite for Jewish and Gentile believers to find a place of complete repentance and reconciliation to transform the Church/Ekklesia into unity where all races and people groups love and serve the other with the Heart of the Father. God will use this work of grace in His restrengthened body to open the door to world revival and the last great awakening. It will bring Israel back to life and release the end-time harvest. This transition, however, is not attained easily, nor is it a quick fix. It is a process; it takes time and dedication to take root in us fully. Remember that the body of Jewish and Gentile believers has been largely separated from and intolerant towards each other for about 1700 years. These are new days for all of us.

Renewing Our Minds

After the Apostle Paul’s dissertation of Israel and the Church in Romans 11, he instructs followers in Romans 12:2 to be “transformed and progressively changed…by the renewing of your minds.” As we study the scriptures related to restoration in TONM with an open heart and a thirst for God’s truth, we are renewing our minds. We are committing to a deeper understanding of God’s plan for His people from both branches of the olive tree. Scriptural study is designed not only for the sake of understanding but, more importantly, to change our thinking and give us God’s perspective. It will necessitate change on our part to allow God to renew our minds and reveal His Heart to us as we dig into His Word, but it is vital. With cleansed and submitted hearts and transformed thinking, we are ready to transition into realignment regarding Israel’s remnant and the Gentile Church and take our roles in fulfilling His plan on the earth.

We find a call to action in James 1:22 that “we must not be only hearers of this word, but doers,” a further step in The Reconnection message. As we are reestablished in our connection to our Jewish brothers and sisters and the changes it brings to the body (see Romans 911, chapters 5 & 6), we realize the significance of becoming disciples of this message. Even more, we are compelled to communicate to others what we have learned. Disciples are learners who apply the teaching to their lives, put into practice what they learn, and lead others to do the same. This degree of discipleship will mobilize the body of Messiah/Christ to bring forth the The Reconnection message as we move into the end-time period before the Lord’s return r r r

The Sons of Issachar

It is essential that we seek and cultivate discernment at this juncture in time. In 1 Chronicles 12:32, we find a model of discernment in the example of the sons of Issachar. We read that these Jewish tribal leaders understood the times in which they lived, what God was doing, and the course of action to take in commanding their tribe to help make David king of Israel. That insight gave them the understanding of God’s plan, so they knew how to respond. It’s a special type of wisdom about the signs of the times and the strategy required to position us for action. It comes through earnestly seeking God’s heart in prayer, poring over and understanding the truth of scripture, and relying on the Holy Spirit for direction.

Discernment and committed study are important to carry this message forward. Let us pray for God’s wisdom and discernment to avoid the pitfalls and attacks of the enemy who will be on the prowl for areas or issues he can use to divide us. Like Paul, let us not be ignorant of his devices and allow our love, wisdom, and discernment to outsmart and expose him at every turn so we may achieve and complete this process. Let’s engage in advancing God’s purposes and following His strategy for His unified people. Time is short. It’s time to sound the alarm!