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There are already some wonderful books written on The One New Man, between Jew and Gentile and Israel and the Church. However, very little has been written yet to help us move into it more effectively.

ROMANS 911 has been written for this purpose.

The book introduces every believer to a most vital spiritual transaction in The Father’s Heart, known as “The Reconnection, ” that will ultimately transform the Church. And it awakens us to the significance of this message. The Reconnection is best described as a spiritual re-marriage between believing Jews and Gentiles in Yeshua/Jesus; between the Gentile Church and the re-emerging remnant of Israel with all that goes along with this restoration and re-alignment during these days, now that Israel’s spiritual awakening is upon us.

ROMANS 911 helps to reconnect the Church to Israel, as well as to restore the foundation of John 17 unity to the body of Messiah/Christ between Jewish and Gentile believers, ultimately releasing the Father’s greater blessings and power upon us.

The Reconnection does not require Jewish or Gentile believers to become like each other, but rather for both to fully embrace one another’s unique identities though the love of God that exists in The One New Man through Yeshua/Jesus. For God’s love and liberty to flow throughout the roots of a restored Olive Tree, between the Gentile Church and Messianic bodies; for all believers in both groups to bless and strengthen each other into the fullness and power of The Kingdom of God upon the earth.

The Reconnection introduces the necessary inner healing for both groups, Jewish and Gentile believers alike, to break off all past and negative influences that are holding us back from it; to complete the unity in The One New Man in God’s family and the additional love, intimacy and power that it brings. Not only for us to better understand one another and the issues that can bring us together, but also, those that have been keeping us apart (emotional, spiritual and theological obstacles); and just how the devil has been using them to fuel his divides among us. ROMANS 911 exposes the devil’s scheme in this place and leads us into a deeper place of healing and reconciliation to fully break off these negative influences.

ROMANS 911 blows this holy shofar to each one of us as followers of Yeshua/Jesus, to re-unite with Israel. It is a comprehensive study book to address our Reconnection in The One New Man; metaphorically speaking, it helps to put legs and a face to it, to help us make this connection. It is God’s timing, and unveils God’s plans through His mercy to bring it to pass at this specific time in humankind’s history; especially for His Church and Messianic bodies to enter into this fray. For us to become the catalysts to aid in the balance of Israel’s spiritual awakening; the natural outflow of which, is world revival and the last great harvest of souls. These are intrinsically linked together and may not have been seen as such, up until this point in time, which is quite different from what most of the Church currently believes. The Reconnection sheds light on these issues, fully restoring us and moving the body into this most strategic role to help prepare for the Lords return.

Four Parts

ROMANS 911 is divided into 4 sections:

Part one addresses The Reconnection in the family of God. Part two presents a picture of what it may look like; more precisely introducing the Messianic body to the Church. Part three deals extensively with the obstacles and hurdles that are keeping us from it; both Jewish and Gentile issues, as well as concerns related to the five-fold gifts. Part four unveils the strategy to help us get there, especially through prayer both corporately and individually. Romans 911 has end-time consequences for us all!