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Messianic Jew Grant Berry’s Inspiring Life Story Is a Call for the Church to Understand Its Roots in Reconnecting With Jewish People

WESTCHESTER, N.Y. – Oct. 5, 2012 – An exciting new book—The New Covenant Prophecy— not only tells the interesting life story of Messianic Jew Grant Berry—successful entrepreneur and now working in ministry to Jews and Gentiles—it calls for a new approach for Christians reaching out to Jewish people based on understanding their history and their view of the Bible.

“Most Jewish people have not heard the Gospel, and when they do, it’s associated with a long history of very real persecution the Jews have faced,” Berry said. “I take an approach rooted in understanding this current reality but also understanding how Jesus—the Yeshua of the Old Testament—is actually the fulfillment of G-d’s covenant.”


According to The New Covenant Prophecy, Gentile Christians should consider the following when reaching out:

Be Aware of History – The Gospel was taken to the Jewish people first, before the growth of a mostly Gentile-led church. Over the centuries, Jews have faced persecution in all corners of the world, and Berry addresses this in his book. Gentile Christians need to understand the barriers this has created and the negative stereotypes about Christ and Christians that need to be overcome.

Wait for the Right Opportunity – Berry says, “One has to learn to be quite diplomatic in how you present the Gospel. There are windows of opportunity in how you share with people. I would try to present the Gospel in a Jewish-sensitive manner.”

Being “Jewish Sensitive” – The New Covenant promised to the people of Israel in Jeremiah 31: 31 is fulfilled by Yeshua. Berry says many Jewish people are not aware of the historical and theological connection between their faith and Christianity. By understanding the Old and New Covenants, Christians can find common ground with Jewish people.

“As one who has now crossed over to the New Covenant and returned to the G-d of Israel, if only you could understand how much He really loves us, how intimately He wants to be with each of us in His own masterful unique ways. How beautiful His peace feels as it sweeps through your soul; or how His love just melts your heart with His goodness and His kindness even when He is gently correcting you; or His healing touch, where He promises to restore what the locusts have stolen and bring emotional and sometimes physical healing to each of our lives. You just don’t know what you are really missing until you get in touch with Him!”

“I’ve written The New Covenant Prophecy with two specific focuses,” Berry said. “First is to bring the fullness of the Gospel to the Jewish people and second to give the church a deeper understanding of the New Covenant, the Gospel from the Jewish perspective. The book thoroughly explains all aspects of the faith walk as if I were explaining it to friends over dinner.”

The New Covenant Prophecy pulls no punches. It addresses the rejection of the Gospel by the Jewish people, but it also investigates their persecution, which many times historically involved the church. The book clearly lays out for Gentile Christians how the Jewish people see their own past and present and what specific challenges confront Messianic Jews – or Jewish followers of the Messiah.

It’s a “how to” for Gentile Christians wanting to understand and reach out to Jewish friends. It’s also an explanation to the Jewish people of how Yeshua/Jesus does not replace their faith but completes it.

Berry was born and raised in London to a well-to-do Jewish family. Suffering through his parents’ divorce and some instances of anti-Semitism, he pursued a business career with great energy, in England first and then In New York City, where he built three cosmetics companies. Through many interactions with Gentile Christians and supernatural spiritual encounters, Berry came to an understanding and acceptance of Yeshua/Jesus as the fulfillment of the promised New Covenant. He founded Messiah’s House and Reconnecting Ministries to “properly communicate a message of spiritual reconnection between the Church and Israel” locally, in the Westchester, N.Y., area and in the U.S. and worldwide through his books and speaking.

From Destiny Image books, The New Covenant Prophecy officially launches Oct. 16 but is widely available online for preorder now.

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About Grant Berry

Grant Berry is a Jewish believer in Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah. For most of His spiritual life, he has been both an entrepreneur and a minister of the Gospel. He founded and built three cosmetic companies as well as a number of ministries focused on reaching Jewish people.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]