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Following are Frequently Asked Questions for Berry:

In The New Covenant Prophecy, you refer to Jesus as Yeshua. Why?

Yeshua is Jesus’ Hebrew name and in fact while Yeshua was living here on the earth, He was never called Jesus once. Jesus is His name in Greek, which the world is now familiar with through the Church’s promotion of the Gospel and the various translations of the word of G-d. In addition, it is important when reaching out to Jewish people with the New Covenant, which was actually given to Israel first that we relate it to them in terms that are more familiar to them.

When Jewish people come to faith, do they convert or return?

That is a great question. We could look at this in a couple of ways. Of course whenever a person comes to Messiah, they definitely have a reconnecting experience, and this is exactly the same for both Jews and Gentiles, who both need to come through Jesus for salvation; there is no difference here. However, Jews do not convert to something that was already given to them but instead they return to their faith and the Covenants of Israel that G-d has made with them.

Is it not also true that when a Gentile comes to Christ, that they are adopted into the Covenants of Israel?

This is all rather strange to us in the modern world because the Gospel has been so Gentile for so long now and for the most part it is presented in a Gentile way. However the Apostles clearly taught that when a Gentile believes in Christ that they are then adopted in to the Covenants of Israel and become children of Abraham, and become a part of the family of G-d. However, as more and more Jews are coming to faith, we must begin to take on a new and fresh approach in the way we explain and communicate the Gospel to them to make them more curious, so that it is properly reconnected to its Jewish roots. In this way we can so much more easily convey the original connection to our Jewish friends that can more easily welcomes Jewish people back to the faith and help to break down some of the current barriers that exist.

You established Messiah House and Reconnecting Ministries to share the good news of the New Covenant. Where did your desire for this ministry come from?

G-d reached out to me in supernatural ways, brought me to belief in Yeshua and with it brought a burden for the Jewish people. In my own personal life, I have sat at meal tables hundreds of times to share my experience with Jewish people. But I have also reached out to thousands of people through events in the former Soviet Union, centering on one of the Jewish Feasts, the Passover and explaining the Gospel though it. Now, with Reconnecting Ministries, I’m using The New Covenant Prophecy and future books to share the truth about Yeshua/Jesus to the Jewish people and give my fellow believers, a better sense of how to connect to the Spirit’s action in winning His first born back to the faith.

What are the major hurdles you find between Jewish people and Gentile Christians?

First, Gentile Christians need a better understanding of history from the Jewish perspective because for the past 1,900 years there has been persecution of the Jews, and historically this often involved the church. This has naturally raised barriers and Gentile Christians need not only to understand another’s perspective and be sensitive to it, but have this in mind in conversations with Jewish people. Second, for the Jewish people, the Bible tells us there is a veil over their understanding, and I believe now is the time to see that veil lifted. So it’s an opportunity for Christians to respectfully and lovingly share the good news of the New Covenant with Jewish friends, that Yeshua/Jesus is their long-awaited Messiah, we just need to be very loving and extremely patient.

What advice would give a Gentile Christian talking with Jewish friends about faith?

Pray! Pray! Pray! Also be educated, as I mention above. But then be sensitive. Look for opportunities built on honest relationships. The New Covenant Prophecy can be an excellent tool to give as a gift when the time is right. It explains all aspects of the faith walk as if I were explaining it to Jewish friends over dinner. It’s great for Gentiles too! Because it presents the fullness of the Gospel in a very real way.

What does your own life story say about the outreach to Jewish people?

My story offers clear evidence that G-d is reaching out, if we’ll hear him, and that many are listening. It doesn’t mean life becomes easy. I’ve had many business and relationship ups and downs. And I’ve learned that just because I am a Messianic Jew, that doesn’t mean Jewish people will automatically listen to me. In fact, in some cases it’s even harder for me to connect with them, especially the more religious Jews as they are more angered by my acceptance of Yeshua. That’s why I’m praying for Gentile Christians to join this vital work with us and a large part of the reason I wrote The New Covenant Prophecy, because I believe that all believers are called to release the mercy of G-d back to the Jewish people in accordance with the Apostle Paul’s edict in Romans 11.

About Grant Berry

Grant Berry is a Jewish believer in Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah. For most of His spiritual life, he has been both an entrepreneur and a minister of the Gospel. He founded and built three cosmetic companies as well as a number of ministries focused on reaching Jewish people.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]