Reconnecting Ministry

The Reconnection Mission

To reintroduce and promote The Reconnection in The Father’s Heart between Jew and Gentile in The One New Man, both near and far, until it is fully received and moved into by the Church and Messianic bodies.

What Is The Reconnection?

Reconnecting Ministries was founded in 2013 with an end-time ministry focus to help the body of Messiah/Christ spiritually reconnect in The One New Man (TONM) between believing Jews and Gentiles, and between Israel and the Church.

Now that Israel is awakening spiritually*, and the Gentile Church is awakening to Israel (Romans 11:25-27), The Reconnection in TONM Reconnects the Ekklessia/Church towards Israel, as she was when the Church was first established. In this light, The Reconnection focuses the body of Messiah/Christ into a very necessary spiritual remarriage between the Gentile Church and the Remnant of Israel (Messianic believers), because during the early part of the Church age it became disconnected from her Jewish roots and heritage. This will require an adjustment among all believers. The Reconnection in TONM restores the body of Messiah/Christ to its former glory for its future glory!

Because of its timing, The Reconnection Ministry focus is relatively new to the Church and Messianic bodies. Up to this time it has been mostly concealed (unseen or unrealized) in the Gentile Church, just as the mystery to establish the Gentiles into the faith was hidden from prior Jewish generations (Ephesians 3:2-10). However, as the mystery to unveil and awaken Israel now unfolds before our eyes, it becomes one of the most significant spiritual transactions of our time – to reunite the family of God with end-time consequences for us all.

The Reconnection realigns the Church back into the fullness of her identity in and with Israel, and into her role to help awaken Israel. This is foundational to John 17 unity and the Heart cry of Yeshua/Jesus and the Father to reestablish the family of God to Himself, and for us to be one. This is also the final piece of restoration in the body of Messiah/Christ, that this breach would now be healed in the family of God. As the word of God reads, “we are heirs together with Israel” (Ephesians 3:6), rather than the other way around as it has been during most of the Church age. For the Church to fully comprehend that this restoration in The One New Man is a major blessing for all believers. Indeed, that it is the primary pathway to the ultimate restoration and subsequent healing to all other issues of division and unity in the family of God. That this fullness of John 17 unity between us and God will release the end-time glory, and will prepare the bride for His coming.

Simply put, this Reconnection in TONM will help to spark the end-time revival that the Church is so hungry for. It will help to bring about Israel’s spiritual awakening, the last great harvest of souls and the fire of God upon the Earth. These are all intricately linked together in God’s end-time plans and may not have been seen as such up until this time. Just as Scripture reads, “What will Israel’s acceptance be, but life from the dead.” (Romans 11:15) The Reconnection will help to produce the end-time power of God poured out through a restored Israel (Jew and Gentile) in preparation for the Lord’s return.

* Israel’s restoration to the land and the Jewish people’s awakening to Mashiach Yeshua/Jesus

Romans 911

Romans 911 (Now available in Audio)

Grant Berry, a prophetic intercessor and Founder/President of Reconnecting Ministries, has just completed his third book on this subject, titled Romans 911 – Time to Sound the Alarm! This explosive new book is written as a study guide to carefully unpack The Reconnection message. It not only helps the body of Messiah/Christ fully understand The Reconnection in TONM, addressing many of the delicate issues obstructing its acceptance, but it provides practical ways for the Church and Messianic bodies to embrace it. Romans 911 unite the body of Messiah/Christ between believing Jews and Gentiles in the love of the Father to work together for Kingdom purposes and goals. Additionally, Romans 911 outlines a necessary Holy Spirit-led strategy and prayer initiative to help bring The Reconnection center stage for all of God’s sheep to ultimately support and embrace its message.

The Reconnection Ministry Plan

We have two specific directives from God to help bring this forth: First, to increase the knowledge and understanding of all praying saints on Reconnection and Alignment issues between Israel and the Church. This will help the body of Messiah/Christ to pray more effectively for the Peace of Jerusalem to help bring it to pass, which is inclusive of The Reconnection and Alignment strategy.

The second is to mobilize the body of Messiah/Christ into a greater prayer focus to help bring it forth. To connect with all types of prayer initiatives in the Church, and the emerging 24/7 praise and prayer movement, to equip the body with this end-time knowledge and revelation to fully restore John 17 unity to God’s family. In addition to which, one of our main goals is to establish and raise up a more specialized watchmen focus to help bring about the Holy Spirit’s initiatives to address the obstacles in the way of this restoration.

We refer to this type of prayer as Pure Intercession, and to these types of intercessors as, Recon Warriors. Our priority is to raise up Pure Intercession and Recon Warrior groups everywhere to help birth and bring forth The Reconnection in The One New Man.

Step Into The Reconnection

The Reconnection in TONM is not just a message to listen to, but one rather that requires action on our part. As the Word of God reads that we would not just be hearers of the word, but doers of it (Jacob/James 1:22). We sincerely hope that by reading and learning about The Reconnection in the family of God that it will unlock a desire in your heart and the spirit to fully embrace it.

We have prepared a summary known as The Reconnection Mandate that outlines the necessary steps for all of us to move into the fullness of this message. Please read it through prayerfully. It provides a concise focus of the time, commitment, understanding and revelation of what is required in order for this spiritual transaction to fully take root in us. Wherever Grant & Hali go to speak, they pass The Reconnection Mandate out in baton form, as a symbol so that all who hear its message would receive it.

Help Trumpet the Reconnection

Help us to promote The Reconnection in your area. Help us to promote The Reconnection on your social media and email lists. Purchase Romans 911 for your friends. Purchase Romans 911 for your Pastor or Rabbi. Become a diplomat for The Reconnection and learn how to put it into your own words. Share The Reconnection with your ministry leaders. Pray into The Reconnection, add it to one of your existing prayer sets, or start a Pure Intercession group in your community, through the local church and Messianic Bodies. We need to take the ground for the Lord where our feet are planted! “The Kingdom of God suffers violence, and the violent take it by force!” (Matthew 11:12)

You can connect with Grant&Hali at any of the following :

  • You can join our national, weekly study and prayer meetings – The Reconnection Mandate Webinar coming Fall 2020 (bi-monthly) – Hosted by Grant Berry
  • One New Man Intersection Prayer Call (bi-monthly) – Hosted by Grant Berry, Robert Wolff and Matthew Smoler, three nice Jewish boys
  • You can visit our Shabbat meetings and Feast celebrations, or connect via Live Stream – Messiah’s House Messianic Center
Give Chai

Give Chai/Life to the Reconnection

Reconnecting Ministries and Messiah’s House are faith-based ministries. When we focus on our financial needs the Lord has been specific with us not to ask directly for money, but rather to encourage the saints of God to pray, and to be led into giving. Let me explain: God is our provider and He knows our needs. Indeed, even the very numbers of hairs on our heads. We believe in this final era before the Lord returns that He is restoring the Church, which includes financial reform into greater trust, liberty and faith. Here we should never feel compelled or manipulated to give, but rather led and directed by His voice. This is in line with New Covenant teaching where each of us knows God for ourselves (Jeremiah 31:34). There is a difference here, and we are encouraging all believers to enter into this type of giving, which is part of the new Wineskin that Yeshua/Jesus is releasing to us.

There is no question that the tithe belongs to the Lord, and that we are called into additional offerings and first fruits giving. For it is a great blessing to give to the work of the Lord, especially with a generous heart. Indeed, that when we give, we are investing into our well being, not just in this life, but also the one to come (Malachi 3:10-12). But we should not be giving to get, but rather out of obedience to the directives and promises of God. And nor should we be, or ever feel pressured into it. The tithe and our offerings belongs to God, to His priesthood. However, within this context, exactly, where, who and how much we give to the Kingdom of God and its various ministry focuses should be between us and God and the personal directives He gives to each of us as we seek Him. Obedience, trust and faith always need encouragement, but the manipulation needs to go.

We tithe our first 10% of our gross ministry income; in addition we give 5% into offerings and once a year we first-fruit gifts as led by the Holy Spirit. We give to Jewish believing ministries, prayer ministries and fivefold ministries. We give to the needs of the poor, prison ministries and we take care of the widows and widowers.

We do have both basic and promotional needs to help build The Reconnection ministry focus, which we explain in our annual ministry plan. And because this message has been hidden from past generations, it is new to the body and not yet fully understood or supported. With this in mind, we believe it is the remnant in the body of Messiah/Church who will help us lay the financial foundation for this ministry. Most of who are prayer people and/or Churches/Congregations who already have a connection to the Israel piece and its end-time significance in restoring the body of Messiah/Christ. Through the widow’s mite and the Remnant body of believers, we are praying for hundred’s and eventually thousand’s of intercessors (please God), who understand the necessity for The Reconnection/Alignment message to come forth, in order that the balance of God’s family would be awakened to it. This is God’s plan and strategy to bring The Reconnection forward at this time.

Please pray and ask the Lord if you are to become a Reconnecting Chai Partner? Please pray with us and agree for the Lord’s provision, for new individuals and several Churches and Congregations to become monthly Reconnecting Chai Partners with us for The Reconnection. You will receive our very special Reconnecting Key necklace as a gift for your partnership, free copies of The Ezekiel Generation, The New Covenant Prophecy, and some good promotional materials to help pray for and promote The Reconnection.

Would you pray Chai into The Reconnection? Would you pray to become one of our Reconnecting Chai partners and give Chai to The Reconnection? – Click here to sign up and donate.

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