With Israel in the midst of war, we will focus our Worship & Watchmen Mission this year praying for Israel and the Church in Poland, crying out for God’s mercy, for the dry bones to come back to life, for the Church to awaken and Reconnect with Israel, into John 17 love and unity, for the end-time harvest to the Nations and the last great awakening.

Calling forth worshipers, watchmen, and 24/7 prayer leaders to join the cry!

“This journey to Poland is not a mere tour, but a sacred worship and watchmen mission. We are sounding the alarm, blowing the holy shofar in prayer and intercession for the Kingdom of God to arise out of the darkness. We invite you to earnestly pray and seek the Lord’s guidance about joining us on this mission. For more information and questions, please contact Hali directly.”

With lots of love in Yeshua, and for His Glory!