Experiencing God Course with Jong Kim


Will you join HIM? 

Yeshua/Jesus said,

“My Father is always at His work to this very day,
and I, too, am working.
I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by Himself;
He can do only what he sees His Father doing,
because whatever the Father does the Son also does.”

 –NIV John 5:17,19

Dear Beloved Family of God,

Do you believe that our Father God is always working around the world? His Son always joined Him.  He knew the Father intimately and followed the Father faithfully.
Father God is now looking for hearts who will join Him in personal intimacy and in global and eternal impact.  Will you join His invitation to partner with Him?

At this hour, I believe that our Father God is doing 3 things.

  1. Drawing us into an intimate love relationship with Him.
  2. Calling us together to join Him in His work around the world for the global harvest and the return and reign of the King.
  3. Uniting His family and reconciling His One New Man family of Jew and Gentile.

To this end, I would like to invite you to join Experiencing God Global Family Course this fall from September 12 to December 12, 2021.

About the Course

What is the purpose of this 14 week course?

To experience God intimately and to join Him in His global and eternal Kingdom work.

What is the purpose of this 14 week course?

1.      Develop an intimate love relationship with God.
2.      Hear when God is speaking to you.
3.      Adjust your life to join God in what He is doing.
4.      Work together with others in accomplishing God’s Kingdom purpose.
5.      Experience God together by our loving obedience to Him.

When does this Experiencing God course begin?

Fall course:  Sunday, September 12-December 12, 2021.

When are we meeting?

Sundays 6pm to 8pm (Central time USA).
If you feel led, please join us for our introductory meeting on Sunday 9/12 at 2pm Central Time USA.

What material are we using?

We are using Experiencing God workbook by Henry & Richard Blackaby. Be sure to get the revised version and not the old version.  Also get the workbook and not just the book. Here’s a link for those in USA.

I would like to ask you to…

1. Ask God if He wants you to do this course.
2. If yes, then contact me as soon as possible and sign up for the course.
3. Get the Experiencing God workbook by 9/12/21 either buy online or go to a local Christian bookstore.
4 Join us on our first Introductory meeting on Sunday 9/12/21 at 12pm on zoom.

Thank you.
May the Lord bless you with His presence, purpose and joy.

Jong Kim

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