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Welcome to Reconnecting Ministries, the home of The Romans 911 Project (R911 Project).

For information about The Reconnection and The R911 Project, please click the tabs.

Those of us now discovering The Reconnection are all on an exciting new journey. We are committed to the heart of Yeshua/Jesus’s prayer in John 17 for the Restoration of God’s family in The One New Man (TONM) between Jewish and Gentile believers and between all races and creeds to truly rebuild love and unity in the Ekklesia/Church that the world would know Yeshua/ Jesus, that we are His disciples and that His Kingdom would arise out of the darkness to fulfill God’s end-time plans.

We are continuously working to create a HUB for this Reconnection and Alignment message. You can connect and participate with us in several ways, both in study and prayer.

To help you more easily navigate the Website, we have separated the home page into six main sections:

  • Introductory Sliding messages
  • The Romans 911 Project Media Platform
  • Active Expressions
  • Reconnecting Ministry Info
  • Partner Expressions
  • Books by Grant Berry

Introductory Sliding Messages

The first section on our home page is divided into four sliding messages, which can be seen at the top of the screen going left to right or right to left, highlighting our ministry focus and messages.

1. The first slider focuses on The R911 Project / About Reconnecting Ministries – Here, you can read and learn about our ministry focus

2. The second slider focuses on Reconnecting Ministries MEDIA – Here, you can read, watch, and listen to our latest broadcasts

3. The third slider focuses on Grant’s latest messages – Here, you can view or listen to them on the website

4. The fourth slider introduces our Give Chai/Life campaign to The Reconnection – Here, you can sow into and become a monthly ministry partner as the Holy Spirit may lead you.

The Romans 911 Project Media Platform

The second section, scrolling down on our home page focuses on the Media Platform for The R911 Project.

  • Access R911 Project Video Teaching Series
  • Watch R911 Project TALKS
  • Listen to R911 Project PODCASTS
  • Pray with us into R911 Project WATCH

Here, you can access The R911 Project Video Teaching series R911 Project. Watch R911 Project TALKS, monthly media interviews with Messianic and Christian leaders moving into The Reconnection and Alignment message (2 x 30-minute interviews with each leader). Listen to weekly R911 Project PODCASTS with Charisma Magazine (10-15 minutes), and pray with us into R911 Project WATCH, monthly prayer, and study Zoom meetings in the 24/7 Global Family of Prayer room (1 hour).

You can also view transformational testimonies from leaders and watchmen moving into this Restoration in the Ekklesia/Church through The Reconnection message. And here, you can view R911 Project TIDBITS. These are very short videos and graphic takes from the R911 books and videos that can easily be shared on your social media sites to help promote The R911 Project.

How to Access The R911 Project Videos

When you purchased the R911 books, you would have set up a username and password to access the R911 Project video teachings. (Please keep this info private). To access the videos, click MY ACCOUNT in the headings, enter your username and password, and click the VIDEO TEACHINGS tab to view all of the R911 Project video teachings. Please note that the Pastor’s Guide can be downloaded in this section. We strongly advise every leader supervising each group study to read these instructions carefully before starting the video teaching series.

Active Expressions

The third section, scrolling down in our home page, is broken down into Active Expressions of The Reconnection message with ways to personally get involved, pray, study, and connect with others moving into the Restoration in John 17 in TONM. And you can join our Worship & Watchmen mission to the land of Israel, visiting and strengthening the HOP in the land.

Here is a list of these Expressions:

  • Pray weekly in The One New Man Intersection (TONM +) – Thursdays 6 pm ET
  • Celebrate the Feasts of the Lord virtually with Messiah’s House
  • Pray monthly on Prayer Surge Now on the third Saturday of the month
  • Visit our Equipping 100 Million Watchmen page to see what happened in Jerusalem on Pentecost 2023 and learn more about this most significant Restoration for God’s end-time plans
  • Join an ongoing R911 Project Video teaching study
  • Read Grant’s Latest Articles in Charisma Magazine and Beyond • Monthly Prayer Link – Pray into Current Issues for R911 and Reconnecting Ministries
  • Sow into Building a HOP in Israel for the Nations
  • Read our Monthly Notes and View Grant&Hali’s Monthly Schedule

Reconnecting Information

The fourth section, scrolling down, allows for easy access to relevant documents and provides additional information supporting The Reconnection mission, such as our Mission Statement, annual budgets, and the Reconnection Commission Document signed in 2014. Plus, you can view our Year in Pictures that we send out each year for the holidays.

Here, you can also access The Reconnection Mandate booklet the Lord gave in 2018 outlining five directives needed to step into this Restoration in God’s family. The booklet is free and can be read directly on the Website or downloaded to your computer or printer for future reading. And we keep a simple teaching posted here on improving our witness and evangelism to our Jewish friends and neighbors.

Partner Expressions

Scrolling down towards the bottom of the home page, you will find our Partner Expressions. This section lists several ministries partnering with Reconnecting Ministries carrying unique pieces of this Restoration and Reformation in the Ekklesia/Church. Various Prayer and Mission ministries, One New Man Ministries, Ministries that are focused on helping equip the Body moving into the New Wineskin that is restoring and reforming God’s Church to help prepare the bride for the battles ahead culminating with the Lord’s return.

To learn more about these partner ministries, click on their logo images. Below each picture box is a description of each ministry focus and, inside, a summary of their ministry focuses and a link to their website. We encourage you to connect with these ministries based on your equipping needs as the Holy Spirit would lead you.

Prayer Ministries

Reconnecting Ministries is connected to two significant prayer ministries you can join. The first is the Global Family of Prayer (GFP), a non-stop 24/7 virtual prayer room hosted by numerous prayer ministries in over 60 countries worldwide. This is also where we host TONM+ every Thursday at 6 pm ET, praying into John 17 love and unity in TONM. The second is 10 Days of Prayer, fostering a deeper prayer and repentance focus during the 10 Days leading up to Shavuot/Pentecost and between Rosh Hashanah/Trumpets and Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement during the 10 Days of Awe.

The GFP actually came out of 10 Days of Prayer (24/10), experiencing our first virtual prayer meeting during the 10 Days of Awe in 2019, and the two prayer foci now work in tandem. Grant was one of the founding leaders of the GFP in 2020 and serves as a board member for 10 Days of Prayer.

Books by Grant Berry

The last section on the home page presents easy access to Grant’s books and The R911 Project video teaching series. In this screen about books, you can also click on each image for more information and watch videos and read about each of the books. The R911 Project video teachings are free with the purchase of the R911 books, presenting several options to choose from. We recommend option one or two to start with The R911 Project teaching series.

Headings and Sub-Headings

You can also navigate all the other parts of our website by clicking into the headers and the menu at the top of the home page. You can read:

  • About Us
  • What we believe
  • Contact us

Two of the most important links for the rest of the Website are the Message Library and Recommended Readings.

Message Library

You can now access all of Grant’s messages and interviews in our Message Library. These messages are categorized by topic and focus and can easily be shared and downloaded to help promote The Reconnection and Alignment message. Simply scroll down and click on the message that you want to watch or listen to, then click to share the messages.

Recommended Readings

Recommended Readings can be found under Books and Videos. These are specific books written about this Restoration and Reform in the Ekklesia/Church. When you click on each of the book images, it will take you to their respective websites, or to a bookseller where you can purchase the book.

This video will not come up again, but if you want to watch it, just click the Website Tour tab on The Welcome R911 project slider.

We are constantly working to improve the Reconnecting Ministries Website to create the best possible resource center for John 17 Restoration in the Ekklesia/Church. We appreciate your input and partnership to bring this most vital message to the threshold of the Church and Messianic bodies. Please sign up with your email on the Splash page that comes up when you first enter the website to receive our monthly emails with updates for the Reconnecting Ministry message. Or, you can email us directly when you click the contact tab.

May the God of Israel richly bless you.

Lots of love in Yeshua/Jesus,