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Welcome to Reconnecting Ministries, the home of The Romans 911 Project

For information about The Reconnection and The Romans 911 Project, please click the links.

Those of us now discovering The Reconnection are all on an exciting new journey.

There are several ways you can connect and participate with us, both in study and prayer.

To help you get started and get familiar with our website there are four main sections on the home page:

  • Introductory Sliding messages
  • Active Expressions
  • Reconnecting Ministry Info
  • Books by Grant Berry

Introductory Sliding Messages

The first section of our home page is divided into 4 sliding messages:

Our sliding messages can be seen at the top of the screen and they go from left to right, or right to left highlighting our ministry focus and messages.

  1. The first focuses on The Romans 911 Project / About Reconnecting Ministries – Here you can read and learn about our ministry focus
  2. The second on Reconnecting Ministries MEDIA – Here you can read, watch, and listen to our latest broadcasts
  3. The third slider focuses on Grant’s latest messages – Here you can view or listen them on the website
  4. And the fourth introduces our Give Chai/Life to The Reconnection program – Here you can sow into and become a monthly ministry partner

Active Expressions

The second section is broken down into Active Expressions of The Reconnection and ways you can personally get involved, pray, study, and connect with others moving into the Restoration in TONM. And you can join our Worship & Watchmen mission to the land of Israel.

 Here is a list of these expressions:

  • You can join our Virtual Webinar bible studies for The Romans 911 Project
  • Join our ONM prayer meetings
  • Celebrate the Feasts of the Lord with Messiah’s House
  • Join our Global Family 24/7/365 prayer room
  • Pray into TONM
  • Experience the peace of the Shabbat every Friday on Zoom
  • Join grant on Prayer Surge now on the third Saturday of the month
  • Listen to our weekly Podcasts for The Romans 911 Project on Charisma Magazine

Nearly all of our sessions are recorded, so if you missed one and would like to watch or listen, just click into the message.


Reconnecting Information

The third section allows for easy access into relevant documents and provides additional information that further support The Reconnection mission, such as our Mission Statement, the Reconnection Commission Document that was signed in 2014. And The Reconnection Mandate document given by the L-rd in 2018 that outlines five directives needed to step into this Restoration in God’s family.

Here you can read our monthly updates you on our ministry progress, our yearly ministry plan, and our Worship & Watchmen Mission report from our prayer journey to Israel.  Here you can also view our Year in Review Hanukkah/Christmas card.

Plus, you can read the apostolic endorsements on Romans 911 (24 elders), and simple teachings on improving our prayer focus, witness and Evangelism to our Jewish friends and neighbors.

Books by Grant Berry

The fourth section presents Grant’s books and how to buy The Romans 911 Project teachings. You can also click into each page to watch videos and read about each book.

You can also navigate all the other parts of our website by clicking into the header and the menu. You can read:

  • About Us
  • What we believe
  • Visit our bookstore and Message Library
  • Contact us
  • Find Grant&Hali’s monthly schedule
  • And a host of other information to help serve you in this most significant area of bringing God’s family together like never before

This video will not come up again but if you want to watch it, just click the Website Tour tab on The Romans 911 project slider.

May the God of Israel richly bless you.