Why G-d?

A note from Grant Berry, our Senior Minister

A number of you have contacted me and asked why I omit the vowels in the name of G-d. Firstly, let me explain where the tradition comes from and then how I have adopted it into my new covenant faith in Yeshua/Jesus. In Judaism as far back as when the Torah (5 books of Moses) was written, the Jewish people considered the name of G-d too holy to write, which shows great reverence and respect for our creator.

As a believer, early on in my walk when I first discovered this, I was immediately impressed by it, as it always served to remind me of the holiness of G-d’s character. So whenever I wrote His name, I adopted this into my own writings. As a Messianic Jew, I also believe that we have liberty to be able to practice the traditions of our Fathers and the heritage of Israel, as long as it avoids any legalism in our spirits.

However, I have noted that this can be confusing to my Christian brothers and sisters. So I have decided to make a change in the way I write the name of G-d, and will keep omitting the vowels whenever I am writing something that might be read by a Jewish person. However, when I am writing solely to a Christian audience I will include the vowels, so as not to offend anyone or bring any additional confusion.

I would also encourage all Christians to do the same with their own Jewish witness and evangelism. Firstly, those Jewish people who have knowledge of their own religion will better relate to this and secondly it serves to improve our connection to them when we are trying to reach them with the love of Yeshua/Jesus.

I will also be making this change with The Ezekiel Generation in its next edit, as this book is written to the Church. Please forgive me for any confusion or any offense in our misunderstandings of this subject.

With the many Blessings of Yeshua and His Shalom.