How We Work with Ministry Costs

How We Work with Ministry Costs

Reconnecting Ministries is a faith based ministry. Our financial support is supplied by Church and Messianic Congregations from their missions budgets and individuals partnering with The Reconnection ministry vision on a monthly basis.

We are so very grateful for all your love and support in partnering with us in this Reconnection ministry focus.

All donations are fully tax deductible and Reconnecting Ministries is a 5013C not for profit ministry.


Working with Churches and Messianic Congregations

We do not like to put minimums on costs or honorariums for Grant and Hali to visit your Church or Congregation. Please be led by the Holy Spirit in this regard.

We entrust this provision to the Lord and to prayer and ask for your love and generosity in wanting us to preach or teach at your Congregation and in sharing and partnering with The Romans 911 Project.

We do ask that either a honorarium or love offering be given for Grant to speak or teach, which can be discussed and agreed upon before they visit.

Locally in the Tri-state or Eastern seaboard regions, we ask for our travel, room and board and meal costs to be covered. In addition to this nationally, or internationally we ask for our flight, baggage costs and transportation to and from the airport to be covered, plus any parking fees while we are visiting with your Congregation.

Grant and Hali travel as a team and if finances permit, we ask kindly for both flight costs to be covered when having to fly. However, if costs are tight, we would ask that a minimum, Grant’s flight and travel costs would be covered with expenses.

For additional information, questions and scheduling please contact Hali Berry at