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The Romans 911 Project Intro

Grant's Personal Intro to The Romans 911 Project

Here we introduce the project to you and outline how you can begin to participate in the Romans 911 program:

The Romans 911 Project, written and produced by Grant Berry and Reconnecting Ministries, is an umbrella name given to incorporate the following:

  • Romans 911 Book – Time to Sound the Alarm! Second Edition”
  • The Reconnection Mandate Document
  • Romans 911 Study Guide
  • Romans 911 Study Guide Video teaching series (12-14 hours)
  • Romans 911 Media Platform

The Romans 911 Project is a global message for the Body of Messiah/Christ introducing us to the Restoration, Reconciliation, and Realignment in The One New Man (TONM) between Jews and Gentiles, all races and peoples in the family of God. We call this message “The Reconnection.”

Reconnection Mission

While we concentrate mainly on this Reconnection message, it is not our main goal. The overall objective is to rediscover and reactivate greater love and unity in the family of God according to the Lord’s Prayer in John 17. In it, the Lord calls believers to an all-encompassing unity in love and truth that will reform and re-unite the Ekklesia/Church together as it was intended. Here we find that Yeshua/Jesus releases the fullness of His Glory to a united family, one that mirrors the beautiful love and unity between Father and Son, with God and with one another. This is our mission and purpose; however, we are convinced that this Reconnection message is the epicenter of this Restoration in the family of God, and is foundational to the rest of the Body receiving the totality of this message. So, focusing on this part of God’s plan first opens the door for the balance of the Ekklesia/Church to move into it; this is our approach. We must not put the cart before the horse!

The Reconnection and Alignment Message

Now that Israel’s spiritual awakening is upon us, The Romans 911 Project fully explains the great need and significance for the reunification in TONM between God’s children from the nations and the Remnant of Israel (Jewish believers), between the Messianic body and the Gentile Church.

Through the Romans 911 Project, every believer — both Jew and Gentile — is introduced to The Reconnection, a transformational message straight from the Father’s Heart to reunite the Ekklesia/Church. It is like a golden key that helps unlock and open the door to a pathway of Realignment in the family of God that leads us to God’s end-time plans – the preparation of the bride, the last great harvest of souls, Israel’s salvation, the Lord’s return and the establishment of His throne on the earth.

There are already some wonderful books written on TONM between Jew and Gentile and Israel and the Church. Very little though, has been written up to this point to help us move into it more effectively. The Romans 911 Project has been produced for this purpose. It puts legs and a face to this Restoration, and brings to light three crucial areas that provide the necessary knowledge and understanding for breakthroughs personally for the Body of Messiah/Christ and corporately for the Church and Messianic bodies in TONM.

  • Firstly, the exposure, healing, and Reconciliation of the deeper human obstacles that the devil has been fueling to maintain separation and divide between us in the family of God. This Restoration opens our hearts to God’s plan to heal the schisms that have fragmented the Body.
  • Secondly, to mobilize the Body of Messiah/Christ into the transformation brought about through The Reconnection message to prepare the Bride for the Bridegroom. To take us into a deeper prayer and intercessory focus to help bring about these changes for the rest of the Ekklesia/Church.
  • Thirdly, to reveal the strategy to help transform the Church and move the Body into the end-time battles to help God bring it to pass.

The Romans 911 Book, Mandate and Study Guide

Understanding The Reconnection

Romans 911 – Time to Sound the Alarm! “Second Edition” is a comprehensive study book in The Reconnection and Alignment in TONM. Romans 911 is the main Study book and is written in 4 parts:

  1. Part one introduces The Reconnection message to the family of God.

  2. Part two presents a picture of what it may look like, more precisely introducing the Messianic body to the Church.

  3. Part three deals extensively with the personal and corporate obstacles that keep us from this Reconciliation in TONM andhelp us overcome them in the Ekklesia/Church.

  4. Part four unveils the strategy to help get us there, especially through prayer, both individually and corporately. 

Moving into The Reconnection

Free with purchase of the Romans 911 Study Guide

The Reconnection Mandate outlines five specific directives given for the Body of Messiah/Christ to move into and embrace The Reconnection and Alignment in The One New Man between believing Jews and Gentiles, all races and peoples, and between Israel and the Church now that Israel is awakening. The Reconnection Mandate is centered on the fulfillment of Yeshua/Jesus’s prayer in John 17. It has become a foundational document for The Romans 911 Project that is heralding this message. The Reconnection Mandate is free with the purchase of The Romans 911 Study Guide.

The first three directives introduce the significance of The Reconnection message leading us into confession, true repentance, and reconciliation. The latter two produce transformation in the family of God to reform the Ekklesia/Church and prepare the Bride for the Lord’s return.

Embracing The Reconnection

The Video Guide teaching are free with the purchase of the Romans 911 Study Guide

The Romans 911 Study Guide and Video Teaching Series is produced with a different perspective to the book. They are targeted to move the Body into this Reconciliation through The Reconnection Mandate directives to mobilize the Body into the fight to help bring it to pass. 

They are presented in two parts. The first has a personal objective, “Embracing The Father’s Heart,” that effectively deals with the human and spiritual obstacles in the way of The Reconnection. The second has a corporate objective, “Embracing The Reconnection in TONM,” that addresses the adjustments and modifications needed for God’s end-time Ekklesia/Church. 

The Romans 911 Project also has two teaching focuses. One for our Messianic family taught at El Shaddai in Frederick, Maryland, and one for our Christian family taught at IHOP – Eastern Gate in Cranford, New Jersey. Both of these foci are necessary, as the obstacles and issues separating the Body of Messiah/Christ in TONM are quite different between Jewish and Gentile believers, requiring a separate teaching focus. (Both teaching focuses are included with the purchase of the Romans 911 Study Guide.)

All leaders, Churches, Congregations, Prayer, and Bible-Study groups are encouraged to engage in this teaching series to initiate this transformation in TONM.

Romans Study Guide Video Teachings are Free (“Freely you have received; freely give” – Yeshua/Jesus – Matthew 10:8). When you purchase the Romans 911 Study Guide, you will receive non-transferable access to view the video teachings.

Leaders Guide

For those overseeing The Romans 911 Study Guide Video teachings

The leaders guide can be downloaded here. It is written for all those leading and overseeing the R911 Seminar. Please be sure to read this guide before you start the teachings yourself, or with your group. There are important instructions to aid in the flow of each meeting, and the overall Romans 911 Project, which will make a significant difference to these teachings.

Romans 911 Media

  • Pray and Study with us monthly into the Romans 911 Project WATCH

  • Listen to Grant’s Podcast messages on Charisma Magazine

  • Watch Romans 911 TALKS

  • Watch and listen to Grant in Radio and TV interviews

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