Reconnection Mandate

The 5 Directives for The Reconnection Mandate In The One New Man between Christians and Messianic Jews

A document given by the Lord to Grant Berry to help the body of Messiah/Christ move into Restoration in the family of God.

Reconnection and Alignment in The One New Man    

By Grant Berry and Leslie Crincoli

Directive No. 3

Pursue True Repentance

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Teaching and prayer over the 10 Days of Awe for Directive No. 3.

Repentance Defined

For restoration to be realized in The One New Man (TONM) between believing Jews and Gentiles, true repentance is necessary. First, let’s define repentance, and second, understand its application in the context of The Reconnection message.

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines repentance as “the action or process of repenting, especially for misdeeds or moral shortcomings.” Repenting means “to turn from sin and dedicate oneself to the amendment of one’s life.” I sometimes think the modern Church has lost the true meaning of this foundational tenet of the faith. It is not just about confession; confession is only the beginning of the process of repentance. If we have any doubts about the application of repentance, the Apostle Paul brings a very clear explanation in the book of Acts when speaking with King Agrippa. “I preached that they should repent and turn to God and demonstrate their repentance by their deeds” (Acts 26:20). Repentance requires action to correct what is wrong.

Our understanding of the complete meaning of repentance is highly significant when it comes to The Reconnection and moving into restoration in TONM. We need to grasp the full measure of our Father’s directives and grant Him unlimited access to our hearts through which love and unity can thrive. We are at the time in history where Israel is awakening to her calling and destiny, and Jewish people are finding their identity in Yeshua/Jesus. And so, God’s children from the nations need to be fully reconciled with Israel’s remnant (Jewish believers in Yeshua), and Israel’s remnant needs to be fully reconciled with God’s children from the nations. As we have already discussed in Directives 1 and 2, this is an essential part of God’s end-time plans to restore love and unity to the balance in His family. Full repentance here means that the Gentile branches wholly embrace the Jewish branches of the olive tree and the covenants and election of the people of Israel along with their own. One New Man does not mean one less Jew! Jewish identity needs to be restored among Jewish believers in the Church/Ekklesia and to dwell in love unity with their non-Jewish family.

This Will Require a Shift

The Reconnection will require a significant shift for all family members, especially the Church, which has been separated from Israel, and its Jewish roots and heritage for over 1700 years. In this light, it is critical for the body of Messiah/Christ to recognize and address the personal issues that are keeping us separated, particularly the spiritual, emotional, and theological barriers that have blocked harmony and unity between Messianic Jews and believing Gentiles. Parts of the Church have acknowledged some issues, but not all of them, and the unity between Jewish and Gentile believers remains mostly fragmented and is still much misunderstood. 

In Romans 12, Paul speaks of the heart transformation that revolutionizes relationships and challenges believers to live as one family. The essence of this transformation is based on repentance, mutual submission, humility, and honesty on the parts of Jew and Gentile alike (see chapters 2, 7, and 8 in Romans 911). Through The Reconnection and Alignment process, we understand that judgment begins in the house of God. In this context, judgment is not an adverse thing; rather, it is an act of mercy and healing from God. The God of mercy wants to purify, heal, and restore His family to one another (see Romans 11:32), expose satan’s influences in these areas, and resolve these issues so that together as TONM, we gain authority to fulfill God’s end-time plans on the Earth. The body must come to understand the fullness of satan’s deceptions and be willing to uncover and eradicate them. We need to face them, or they will prevent us from embracing this reunion. 

The Obstacles

We defined replacement theology in Directive No. 2. Antisemitism is outward discrimination or acts of hostility towards and against Jewish people. Generational antisemitism is subtler; it is the influence of sin in our forefathers that travels from one generation to the next. Its effects are evident in much of the Church, yet most are unaware of its influence. For example, a believer may know and believe there is still the promise for the Jewish people, yet their hearts can be stony and indifferent towards them. This is because of generational antisemitism. satan has also stealthily woven the replacement mindset into the Gentile believing Church to the degree that most are unaware of its influence. And it has spawned an identity in the Church apart from Israel that is disconnected from its Jewish roots and heritage. The global Church, planted by the western Church, has also been influenced in this way. So, all of God’s children from the nations need to examine themselves carefully when addressing The Reconnection in TONM. The Church/Ekklesia must rid itself of ALL antisemitism, and the counterfeit belief of replacement theology in ALL its variations must be cut at the roots. 

The entire Church must also be willing to confess and repent of any emotional issues, such as jealousy or hatred, judgment or criticism that may be in our hearts and enter into a renewed love and support for our Jewish brethren. Likewise, Jewish believers need to address any heart issues that keep them apart and separate from loving their Gentile believing family. These are the sibling obstacles that we need to ask God to remove from our hearts.

Most of these issues were seeded and fueled by the enemy as the God’s children from the nations assumed control over the Church (third and fourth centuries). As a result, these influences and flawed theology have traveled the generations to the modern-day, mostly without repentance. We must point out that we are not personally responsible for the sins of our fathers and mothers. However, erroneous doctrine or negative spiritual influences may still linger through the generational bloodline, affecting our minds and hearts, the way we think and act towards the Jewish people and Israel, or even causing us to sin. Therefore, shouldn’t we want to address all of these issues to get free of them?

Mending The Breach

Mending this breach between Jewish and Gentile believers helps pave the way to greater unity in the body of Messiah/Christ and restore the Church to its former glory and move it into the “latter glory.” A restored One New Man will empower the Church to mend other divisions in the family of God (racial, theological, etc.), bringing it to wholeness and effectiveness. But first, we must come to this place of repentance.

To paraphrase Romans 12:2 in this light: “Do not conform any longer to the old wineskin where Jew and Gentile were still separated in the One New Man, but be transformed into a new wineskin by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – His good, pleasing and perfect will.” Pursuing true repentance through The Reconnection will prepare our hearts and minds to be renewed in TONM.